Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Labels and Cartons

Braille-Embossed Cartons
A company has created braille-embossed text on cartons. To comply with impending European legislation that requires secondary drug packaging to have label information in braille for sight-impaired customers, the carton-manufacturer’s customers can now produce product names, formulations, and strength to comply with the directive’s requirements. The company uses special tooling to create uncontracted braille characters, meaning the words are spelled out rather than represented by a chain system. This is a direct response to the rules of the European directive. Cortegra; 800/242-4657;

Digital Label Printing
A company introduces a new digital printing method for short-run labels. The digital printer produces pressure-sensitive labels in lower quantities. According to the manufacturer, it created the new technology to provide high-print quality to meet customer demands for small runs to help reduce inventory costs. The digital unit pro-vides high-resolution, full-color-process printing on paper and film label materials. Weber Marking Systems; 800/843-4242;

Full-Sleeve Shrink Label Molds                                                                                           
A company has designed shrink labels with a new look. The manufacturer’s newly patented design for molds adds  contours to bottles to give a three-dimensional appearance to the decoration printed on the full-sleeve shrink label. The molds were first created for caricatured animal figures, and the bottle’s contours showcased the facial features, limbs, and torso that are printed on the full-sleeve shrink label. The technique can be applied to a variety of animate or inanimate shapes,  according to the company. TricorBraun, St. Louis, MO; 314/569-3633;
Pressure-Sensitive Labeler
A pressure-sensitive labeler for small products has debuted. The Model 326 Auto-Colt III Trunnion features a servo driven feedscrew and trunnion roll system for positive container handling and servo driven label dispensing and application. The machine features Allen-Bradley Kinetix servomotors for speed synchronization with the conveyor. Optional features include OCV/OCR vision cameras, RFID labeling, hot stamp, laser or thermal transfer coders, label placement inspection, bar code readers, soft rejects stations, automatic label removal stations, and more. NJM/CLI, Lebanon, NH; 603/448-0300;

High-Gloss Resin
A company introduces a styrene-acrylic, nonfilm forming emulsion. Joncryl 1610 exhibits high gloss and clarity in overprint varnishes and can be used in many paper and paperboard applications, according to the manufacturer. The new product is a low VOC, HAP solvent-free, low-odor emulsion. It can replace standard nonfilm forming emulsions. The company aims to offer materials to ink and overprint varnish industries. BASF Resins; 800/526-1072;

Wide Coupon-Stock Labels
Wider coupon-stock labels are now available. Standard Circle Coupon label stock now comes in 54-in master roll widths. The pressure-sensitive labels feature AT2000 adhesive and 40-lb liner. Customers can also order versions with PE3 permanent adhesive as a custom order with a five-day lead. The manufacturer’s universal coupon products come in standard and tight circle wavy patterns for a variety of converting needs. 3 Sigma Corp.; 800/3473091;

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