Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Labels and Cartons

A company prints and converts paperboard packaging materials. The company manufactures cartons made from material constructions that can include clay-coated news back, clay-coated kraft back, and solid bleached sulphate. Point-of-purchase display cartons, dispensers, and presentation boxes featuring a book-cover–style lid with a product cavity are also available. Package design and printing services are offered as well. Columbus PaperBox Inc., Columbus, OH; 614/221-2358;

Holographic Labels

A variety of customized holographic images can be printed onto a range of substrates, including tamper-evident materials. These holographic labels can be incorporated with varying degrees of security, depending on customer needs. Security features such as microtext, 2-D and 3-D backgrounds, and proprietary features such as Spectralock and Securetext are offered. These labels combine security features with stylish designs, company logos, and sequential numbering. PRISYMID Inc., Charlotte, NC; 704/409-2351;

RxTrackNSecure Cartons

A company offers cartons featuring its line of antidiversion, anticounterfeiting, and antifraud printing methods. Folding cartons are available in almost any size and can be fitted with security products from the company’s RxTrackNSecure line, such as pressure-sensitive labels with RFID tags, holography, taggants, and security printing. The line also includes serialization, color shift, and tamper-evident materials and substrates. The cartons are printed using a thermal computer-to-plate method designed to provide sharper resolution, increase production speed, and reduce costs by eliminating film processing and stripping steps. Optional carton features include metallic, aqueous, and UV coatings, as well as foil stamping and embossing. Cortegra, a subsidiary of Menasha Corp., Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8000;

Lean Labeling

A labeling solutions provider offers custom labels and printing through its lean labeling manufacturing process. Lean labeling is designed to reduce inventory and costs while increasing flexibility by breaking up massive print jobs without increasing per-page prices. The process enables the manufacturer to provide fast turnaround of custom-designed labels in custom quantities. The manufacturer uses a Nilpeter (Copenhagen, Denmark) FA-3 flexographic web press that features servo-driven, high-speed precision printing. The machine is designed to provide high print quality and minimize wasted material while enabling the company to shorten its lead times and provide its customers with greater flexibility for making changes to labels. Labeltronix, Orange, CA; 800/429-4321;

Temperature-Monitoring Label

A label about the size of a credit card is equipped with software to electronically record temperatures. The e-temp-label can be attached to product or packaging as a self-adhesive label or inserted as a card. It is designed to be programmed according to customer-specific operating parameters to help monitor the cold chain and help to identify impaired product. The label can monitor a temperature range from –20° to 50°C. The label features 16 bytes of storage capacity, and can store up to 690 measured values. It also features a flat battery designed to provide up to one year of service, allowing for a minimum of 20,000 measurements. The label also can be integrated with RFID technology. Schreiner MediPharm, Oberschleissheim, Germany; +49 89 315845400;


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