Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Inspection Equipment

Vision Cameras

Stainless-steel vision cameras are designed to withstand repeated high-pressure sanitizing washdown conditions to ensure compliance with processing and packaging standards. These cameras do not require an accessory enclosure. They are featured in the In-Sight 5400S system, which can inspect for fill levels, cap and label placement, and text and code verification. It can also count and verify products in cartons and withstand chemical washdown and submersion. Models featuring color inspection and color sorting are also available. Cognex Corp., Natick, MA; 508/650-3140;

Print-Quality Inspection

An in-line print-quality inspection system features ISO verification of bar and matrix codes. The LVS Integra 7000 is designed to inspect the quality of printed sequential numbers and date and lot code numbers, and to identify blemishes. It is also equipped to inspect human-readable text and variable-input data files. The system can fit onto a press or a combined rewinder and slitter inspection station. It is designed to run at line speeds up to 500 ft/min and can be situated on a range of web-system widths. The system can inspect bar and matrix codes across the web in any orientation or aperture size. The system’s monitor alerts the operator to any defects. All inspected results are archived. Label Vision Systems Inc., Peachtree City, GA; 770/487-6414;

Active-Ingredient Inspection

An inspection system features near infrared (NIR) technology to analyze the active pharmaceutical ingredient in tablets. The VisioNIR system inspects tablets for sameness in characteristics such as density, humidity, and composition. It also features a camera for visual inspection of tablet shape, color, and size. Visual failure or a change in composition correctness activates the product reject feature. The NIR portion of the inspection system can be detached and used directly in the tablet press to inspect individual tablets immediately after they are formed. Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP, Division VisioTec, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;

Blister and Lidding Inspection

A company offers a blister inspector and a lidding inspector designed to be easily integrated into existing blister lines. The systems feature several mounting options and product and reject tracking through portions of the line. The blister inspector contains enhanced optics with an increased field of view for more-accurate analysis and inspection of white tablets on a white background without backlighting. The lidding inspector features an optical head that is designed to provide complete inspection of printed information of lidding, including optical character recognition, bar code verification, and bar code grading. Optel Vision, Quebec, QC, Canada; 418/688-0334;


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