Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Inserts and Outserts

Outsert Loader

A machine that automatically feeds pharmaceutical outserts, applies hot-melt adhesive, and laces the outserts into the tops of bottles has been upgraded. The TopSerter II is a modular design extension of the manufacturer’s standard rotary pick-and-place feeders. It is capable of operating at speeds up to 175 bottles per minute. It can reach speeds up to 250 bottles per minute when fitted with an optional timing screw. The machine can handle glass and plastic bottles, both round and rectangular, with metal or plastic caps. The self-contained unit is designed to be easy to install and can be incorporated as a line component or fitted over an existing conveyor. It features an easy-to-load powered horizontal, outsert magazine. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;

Insert/Outsert Printer

Printing services are offered for a variety of product literature formats. Flat, ribbon-fold, parallel, and right-angle inserts and outserts can be printed in up to four colors. Offsheet size capability is 28 × 40 in. and maximum web printing size capability is 20 × 28 in. Literature can be folded down to as small as 11¼8 × 11¼8 in. New Jersey Packaging, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8000;

High-Speed Web Press

A division of a printing company offers services with its high-speed web press technology to produce inserts and right-turn-angle outserts. Ribbon-style outserts are produced on sheet-fed presses. The printer also offers offset promotional materials. Norwood Printing, a division of The Control Group, Norwood, NJ; 201/784-8721;

Literature Feeder

A servo-driven feeder is designed for placing inserts, outserts, onserts, or leaflets in packaging. The Renegade feeder can accommodate literature products as small as 1 × 1 in. and can feed up to 500 pieces of literature per minute. It has a placement accuracy of ±1¼16 in. The feeder can be used with a folder gluer, vacuum transport, or lugged conveyor. Kepes Inc., Kenosha, WI; 262/652-7889;

Foldouts for Bottles

An offset-printed booklet or pamphlet is laminated to a die-cut pressure-sensitive label and features a laminated wing that extends beyond the base label to lay flat against the curved container surface. The booklet label is designed to adhere smoothly to round containers and to be easy to open. It is applied with the folded or bound edge first. A zig-zag die-cut is also offered. This cut is designed to ensure that the lot and date codes stay with the product even if the booklet is removed. The booklets can be applied manually or by machine. J. H. Bertrand Inc., Buffalo, New York; 716/631-9201;

Outsert System

A system produces outserts that are 50% larger yet 20% more compressed than those produced by its MV-97 Outsert Unit. The MV-2001 folds up to 100 panels at high speeds—up to 10,000 cycles/hr. It is electronically controlled for ease of set up, operation, and changeovers and is equipped with a modem for off-site diagnostic analysis. The outserts are leaflets with final edges folded inward and spot glued, keeping them intact for easy insertion and for affixing directly onto containers, eliminating the necessity and cost of additional packaging. Optional in-line batch gluing is available to ease small-outsert handling while packing, loading, or dispensing. For larger outserts with up to 130 panels, the firm offers the MV-2005 Outsert System. Vijuk Equipment Inc., Elmhurst, IL; 630/530-2203;


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