Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Inserts and Outserts

Multipanel labels are designed to provide expanded copy space. Fix-a-Form labels allow customers to increase text space and type size without changing the label footprint so multiple languages or security features can be incorporated. These labels are designed to help increase production line efficiencies. Existing inserts can be consolidated into the Fix-a-Form package to eliminate production steps. By including all product and brand information in one booklet label, manufacturers can reduce the number of insert components and production steps. The booklet is also designed to reduce the complexity of managing clinical and multilanguage packaging. Nosco Inc., Gurnee, IL; 847/336-4200;

Wrap-Around Labels

A wrap-around label is designed to double the available copy area of the label. The X-pandaLabel wraps around itself to provide a consumer-friendly package with easy access to important product usage and warning information. It features a patented easy-release design. Its con- struction adheres well to cylindrical bottles and vials. Tursso, St. Paul, MN; 651/222-8445;

Pharmaceutical Printing

A company offers inserts and outserts in a variety of formats, including flat, ribbon fold, parallel, and right angle. The product literature can be printed in as many as four colors. An offset sheet size of 28 × 40 in. is available. Web printing can be done up to 20 × 28 in. and can be folded down to as small as 11¼ × 11¼ in. The company also offers perforating, binding, and shrink-wrapping. Contegra, a subsidiary of Menasha Corp., Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8000;

Inserting Process

A company developed a manufacturing process that automatically inserts and holds a pamphlet in place in a folding carton without glue. A consumer can easily remove the insert without tearing it. Every carton is scanned during the manufacturing process to ensure that each carton is delivered with an insert. Johnson Printing & Packaging, Minneapolis, MN; 800/877-4077;

Foldouts for Bottles

An offset-printed booklet or pamphlet is laminated to a die-cut pressure-sensitive label and features a laminated wing that extends beyond the base label to lay flat against the curved container surface. The booklet label is designed to adhere smoothly to round containers and to be easy to open. It is applied with the folded or bound edge first. A zig-zag die-cut is also offered. This cut is designed to ensure that the lot and date codes stay with the product even if the booklet is removed. The
booklets can be applied manually or by machine. J. H. Bertrand Inc., Buffalo, New York; 716/631-9201;


A machine designed for applying outserts to packages can output 120 bottles per minute in random cycle mode and up to 250 bottles per minute in continuous mode. The SideWinder can stand alone, be fitted with a conveyor, or be incorporated over an existing production line. The machine is designed to eliminate the possibility of lost outserts in the machine. It features an easy-to-load, horizontal powered magazine. An open station prior to the outsert placement station on the machine allows for additional functions such as bar code scanning to be integrated into the unit. Other optional features are available. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/ 425-8808;

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