PACKAGING RESOURCE CENTER: The Latest in Inserts and Outserts


New Product Family

A company provides printed packaging for patient information requirements and professional information, has added new products to its expanding family of offerings, including the Pharma-Booksert, which offers easy-to-read product information for the patient and provides the mechanism for a pharmaceutical company to identify its end-user and engage in patient support as needed. The Pharma-Booksert is printed in multiple colors with inclusive patient information and professional detailing required for sample packages and starter kits. It offers an integrated return-reply mail piece as a means for patients to acquire more information on medication. Thus, the Pharma-Booksert offers flexibility for pharmaceutical packaging operations promoting and solidifying products’ positions. Pharmagraphics’ Info-Sert 2.0 combines product information, patient instructions, or compliance literature in one package, within, or on, a folding carton. The Info-Sert 2.0 provides use and patient-care compliance information through delivery of both the carton and insert as a single component. Important information or cross-promotional marketing efforts are achieved in a cost-effective and controlled manner. Pharmagraphics, Greensboro, NC; 336/292-4555;

Rapid Turnaround Program

A suite of programs and services is designed to expedite printing projects while maintaining precision. The XPress quick-turnaround printing and packaging solutions can complete orders in three to five days after the approval of graphics. The program supports printing on materials used for such applications as pouches, blister lidding, labels, cartons, and inserts, for quantities under 30 million square inches and surface print of up to eight colors. Cortegra, Parsippany, NJ; 973/808-8000;

Three-Dimensional Label

A label offers a means to communicate information on a small space and integrates an additional element, such as a product sample, test strip, or loupe. The Container Label implements three-dimensional elements and high information rates. The labels, including additional elements, can be produced by automation. Faubel, Melsungen, Germany; +49 5661 730919;

Folding Machine

A device operates at a production speed of 500 ft/min using one to three folding stations. The V-14 accommodates a maximum feeder sheet size of 143⁄16 × 251⁄2 in. and minimum of 31⁄4 × 31⁄2 in. The V-14 features ergonomically located control panels that swivel to improve visibility. An optional MCS-106 predetermined counter calculates total and batch sizes. The continuous-loading SAF feeder has air channels in its side rails, which separate and lift sheets to allow the bottom-suction drum to draw the paper to the register table. Vijuk Equipment Inc., Elm­hurst, IL; 630/530-2203;

1 × 1 Inserts/Outserts

A standardized 1 × 1 insert/outsert folds to a finished size of 11⁄16 × 11⁄16 in. and can be applied in a bottle or on its cap. The folds can hold up to 135 in2 of text and can be produced to a specified length. The insert can be applied by hand or through automation. Mini Graphics Inc., Haup­pauge, NY; 516/223-6464;

Knife Folder

A device specializes at producing a final fold for bulky inserts that a buckle folder cannot produce. The Baum Knife Folder processes sheet sizes ranging from 4.72 × 3.94 in. to 20.47 × 14.17 in. The Baum functions as an independent mobile unit with an independent drive. A reversible belt allows for right- or left-side delivery. The knife operates from the top or bottom, as needed. Kepes Inc., Kenosha, WI; 262/652-7889;


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