Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Form-Fill-Seal

Four-Sided FFS

Two high-speed form-fill-seal machines are designed to pack various flat products that are less than 2.5 cm thick, such as gauzes, dressings, surgical sponges, gloves, and sutures. The RCN 160 and RCN 270 operate with materials up to 160 or 270 mm wide, respectively. They can process paper and heat- or cold-sealing materials. The machines feature five independently driven servomotors and can produce up to 150 pouches per minute in each lane. They are equipped with a preprinted-material detector and a chevron-shaped or a curved sealing tool. Optional features include a reject station, thumb notch, various printing units, and easy-to-open flaps. All-Wrap Packaging Machinery, Moissy-Cramayel, France; +33 1 60 60 12 13;

Vertical FFS

A vertical form-fill-seal pouch machine is designed to handle applications typically associated with horizontal machines. The vertical intermittent pouch machine, VVI-200, features fixed sealing jaws that rotate 90º to produce three- and four-sided as well as stand-up pouch products. It is also capable of changing between pouch sizes with the push of a button. The machine handles pouches from 80- to 250-mm high and 50- to 200-mm wide and can produce up to 100 pouches per minute. Vacuum-assisted belts are designed to ensure secure product transport for film structures as thin as 20 µm. Seal times can be programmed into the machine. The closed system is designed to allow for compact and dust-free packaging. It can be cleaned without removing the forming set. An optional gas-flushing mechanism is available. Rovema Packaging Machines, Atlanta, GA; 770/513-9604;

Horizontal FFS

A horizontal form-fill-seal machine produces four-sided packages with secure, sterile seals for products such as wound dressings, sterile field swab sticks, catheters, syringes, and sutures. The Integri-Seal features a seal-validation system, a color touch screen display that monitors speed, and single-point temperature and single-point pressure control during normal operation and at process setup. Single- and dual-lane configurations are available. Circle Packaging, De Pere, WI; 920/983-3420;

Electric Packager

An all-electric, 110-V, vertical packager is designed for film-feed and sealing operations. The servomotor-driven E-Pac can produce bags from 2 × 2 in. to 14 × 20 in. out of polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC films. Machine functions—including bag length, seal assembly, heater settings, and dwell time—are all controlled from the operator interface panel to simplify setup and changeover processes. The seal-assembly opening can be adjusted from 2 to 7 in. The load height capacity ranges from 32 to 38 in. Rennco Inc., Homer, MI; 517/568-4121;

Automatic Pouching System

A company offers an automatic pouching system that fills and seals pouch sizes from 1.5 × 3 in. to 7.5 × 11.5 in. The PouchMan (PM) 1000 produces up to 15 pouches per minute. The compact, 200-lb machine is capable of processing a variety of soft and hard film pouches for hand-loading operations. The machine also features a gravity-fed horizontal-loading pouch magazine, a fully validatable heat sealer, and Ethernet with built-in Web server and e-mail capabilities. Modular Packaging Technologies LLC, San Diego, CA; 858/689-4754;


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