A compact design is a leading feature of a new machine. The Magnum-MD automatic in-line bag making and sealing system forms and seals Tyvek, polyester, polyethylene, metallized, and other barrier films including HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, polypropylene, and nylon with a chevron seal. By using tube stock, material costs are reduced according to the manufacturer. The Magnum-MD uses continuous rollstock to create bag perforation and chevron seal inline that locks out particles in the form-fill-seal process and is equipped with a 1µm filter to protect bag interiors. Clamco Corp., 800/299-1655;

New Bar Seal System

An automatic bar seal system is available to process barrier, premade Tyvek and foil pouches and bags for medical devices and test kits. This PLC controlled, four-station system has two vertical product-loading stations. It can handle pouches sized 12 × 12 in. or multiples thereof. The ABS system automatically picks the filled pouches from the indexing head and places them into the jaws of the PID, constant-heat cartridge heat bar. A closed-loop alarm limit checks for temperature and pressure, assuring heat-seal integrity and calibration. About Packaging Robotics, Thornton, CO; 303/449-2559;

Horizontal Poucher

A horizontal pouching machine works from two reels of packaging material, thermosealable (paper, film, aluminium complex), or cold sealable composite to form flat pouches sealed on four sides and with a peel part for easy opening. The RCN 270 is entirely servomotorized, with rotary functioning, and allows product up to 150 cycles per minute by track (up to three tracks allowing to double or triple the production). The RCN 270 packaging machine is fitted with a registration device for usage of preprinted material and, a choice of seal form (curve, chevron, straight) is also included without additional cost. All-Wrap Packaging Machinery, Moissy-Cramayel, France; +33 1 60 601213;

Multilane Machine

A multi-lane horizontal form-fill-seal machine is now on the market. The Model RH 250 features multiple axis servo-driven rotary heat-sealing dies in an intermittent or continuous-motion format. Designed to produce four-sided sealed pouches in a single or in multiples of 12 across the 25-in. die face, it features production rates of 50 to 1000 pouches per minute. Prodo-Pak Corp., Garfield, NJ; 973/772-4500;

Continuous-Motion Bagger

A form-fill-seal machine maker has launched a new continuous-motion bag maker. The Ultimax features sanitation washdown and sleek design, which is the manufacturer’s most advanced to date. Designed to withstand daily washdowns with caustic chemicals, all Ultimax metal materials are made of stainless steel with sealed electrical components. The machines feature Allen-Bradley ContolLogix platforms, on-screen manuals, quick response screens, and quick changeover without tools. HayssenSandiacre, Duncan, SC, 864/486-4000,,

Reduced Maintenance

Reduced maintenance and retooling is featured in a new machine. The CFS PowerPak has pressure systems with widened sealing frames, additional temperature sensors, and sensors for monitoring input pressure. The machine is made up of plug-and-play functional modules, which can be combined as required. Increased machine uptime from reduced maintenance and retooling enhances the machine, according to the manufacturer. CFS Tiromat;


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