Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Fillers

Cartridge Filler

A machine is designed for filling single- or dual-component cartridges or syringes used for epoxies, dental materials, silicones, and pastes. The machine’s dispenser features a low-clearance nozzle design combined with bottom-up filling to provide consistent, void-free fills. The machine also features an adjustable cartridge and material-counterbalance system. To provide a solution to a common cleanup problem, the filler uses a low-cost 5- or 10-gal polypropylene reservoir insert system that can be treated as a permanent container or can easily be removed to safely store materials. The filler is a pneumatic system that is operator controlled using a foot switch. Tridak, a division of Indicon Inc., Danbury, CT; 203/798-7471;

Flexible Packaging Filler

An automated filling machine is designed for filling liquids into a flexible container. It can accommodate aseptic or nonaseptic filling requirements. It features a connector-and-cap interface designed to allow for easy dispensing and filling from a single, low-cost part. Advanced Scientifics, Millersburg, PA; 717/692-2104;

Aseptic Process

A company offers peristaltic filling technology to provide gentle material dispensing and precision-fill accuracy within an aseptic environment. The FMB210 filler combines sterile containment and peristaltic dispensing for filling injectable products into vials. The filler features a sterile fill channel that is designed to ensure repeatable accuracy in fill volumes. The monobloc system is designed so that product only comes into contact with medical-grade silicone tubing and the filling needle. This is meant to prevent cross-contamination between batches or product changeover. Flexicon America Inc., Burlington, VT; 802/ 657-3232;

Tabletop Unit

An electric tabletop liquid filler is designed to dispense amounts up to one gallon to provide larger fills within a small footprint. The footprint of the Simplex Model VS-1 measures 17.5 in. high × 22.5 in. wide × 42.5 in. long. The filler does not require an air compressor or additional equipment. It is designed to provide accurate and repeatable fill cycles and quiet operation. Simplex Filler Co., Napa, CA; 707/265-6801;

Capsule Filler

A continuous-motion capsule filler is designed to provide overencapsulation capabilities. The Planeta filler allows for different dosing units to be fitted at the same time. It can fill powders, including those for low-dose applications. It can also fill up to four different types of pellets in the same capsule. The filler can handle microtablets, tablets, liquids, and herbal products. All can be filled in either single or multiple doses and in combinations. The machine can fill 6000 to 100,000 capsules per hour. No change parts are required for different tablet sizes and shapes. The machine also features an automatic reject system, a user-friendly touch screen, and a system for verifying fill weights. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

Tube System

Two companies have combined efforts to provide an integrated tube filler, sealer, and cartoner for pharmaceutical and personal care products. The system includes a ProSys Model RT 85 fully automatic machine that fills and seals 85 tubes per minute and an MGS Eclipse high-speed intermittent cartoner. It also features a Guardian walk-in guarding design that permits full view and access over the entire length of the cartoner. The system also features servo technology. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808; ProSys, a division of Reagent Chemical & Research Inc., Webb City, MO; 417/673-5551;

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