Aseptic Liquid Machine

A liquid-filling machine for pharmaceutical parenteral liquids has a maximum output of 18,000 bottles per hour. The Macofar VF-18 was developed for the aseptic filling of vials; it is optionally equipped with a restricted-access barrier system (RABS) or an isolator. Its balcony structure facilitates through-wall installation and reduces required cleanroom space. The VF-18 is operated using a touch screen interface. Romaco Group, Karlsruhe, Germany; +49 7631 70670;

Fluid Reservoir

Ranging in size from 2 qt to 5 gal, ASME-certified fluid reservoir tanks include models with ports at the top or bottom. Top-ported reservoirs are suitable for liquids with viscosities of less than 150,000 cP; bottom-ported reservoirs can be used with fluids no more viscous than 300,000 cP. Tanks are manufactured from stainless steel or aluminum. I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, NJ; 201/796-1477;

Tabletop Filler/Capper

An automatic unit is designed to replace manual filling machines for batch sizes between 100 and 2000 units per day. The FF30 reduces human workload and decreases fill inaccuracies. The peristaltic filler features constant torque and fast changeover, and product comes in direct contact only with disposable sterile tubing and a filling needle. Vials and bottles between 12 and 50 mm can be filled, fitted with a closure, and sealed to a preset torque. Fill volumes between 0.1 and 100 ml are filled to an accuracy of ± 0.5%. Flexicon America Inc., Burlington, VT; 802/657-3232;

Combination Table

A company introduces a combination table to its line of liquid-filling machines. The 3-in-1 table fits in small spaces and offers hands-free operation. The combination unscrambler and accumulator is a container-handling system with an automated built-in single- or double-head filling machine. It fills various small containers and products hands-free. Simplex Filler, Napa, CA; 707/265-6801;

Fill-Level Monitor

A stand-alone device uses high-frequency measurements to detect a bottle’s fill level. The Checkmat 753 HF doesn’t use X-ray or gamma-ray detection; its high-frequency process does not require special permits or intricate safety precautions. The 753 HF inspects up to 72,000 bottles per hour regardless of their material composition, shape, or color. The device also processes bottles with paper or plastic labels. Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany; +49 9401 702222;

Powder Filler/Capper

Monoblock powder-filling and capping machines incorporate servo-driven auger fillers and touch-screen controls for powder filling in pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic test kit applications. The dual-pitch MB 120 fills up to 120 bottles per minute, while the MB 40 and MB 60 filling and capping machines process 40 and 60 bottles per minute, respectively. Product can be fed through gravity feed hoppers, belt conveyors, bucket conveyors, and vibratory feeders. ESS Technologies Inc., Blacksburg, VA; 540/961-5716;


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