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Blister Printing Unit
Designed to be run in-line or as a stand-alone unit, a system prints anti-counterfeit solutions for pharmaceutical blister packs. The DTS 1200 offers five of the most efficient features in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection: background information, identity code, sequential numbering, time and date stamp, and special UV visible colors. Digital printing technology allows each pack to be printed with a randomly generated unique number 100% traceable to its origin of time, date, and location of packaging. It can be combined with other color, bar code, graphic, and UV features to provide a product identifiable anywhere in the global supply chain. Highlights of the DTS 1200 include 1200 dpi resolution in the range of 0.5 – 20 m/min and up to 4 simultaneous PMS color printing of variable and real time data. CSAT America LLC, Louisville, CO; 888/904-2728;

Continuous Ink-Jet Printer
A new ink-jet system is designed to save customers maintenance time and costs. The LINX 7300 is designed not only to provide the lowest possible operating costs, but also minimize production downtime, provide error-free coding and future- proofing. Amongst its features are dynamically adjusted service intervals to ensure customers only pay for vital maintenance, the FullFlush automatic printhead cleaning system, mistake-proof refills with the new SureFill system. The standard LINX 7300 already offers enviable economy in solvent consumption, but for heavy, 24/7 users LINX recommends its LINX 7300 Solver option, which is capable of reducing solvent usage by up to 40% by using specially created intelligent software to adjust solvent use depending on the application. To combat costly downtime caused by production stoppages, the LINX 7300 uses its FullFlush system, which automatically cleans and dries the printhead and conduit at every shutdown. As a result, manual cleaning is only required once per month. LINX has provided an innovative SureFill system to avoid the risk of refilling the LINX 7300 with incorrect inks or solvent, which can lead to expensive service calls and repairs. The LINX 7300 can print Data Matrix and 3-line coding; optional is 4- and 5-line printing. A range of code formats is available. Diagraph, an ITW Company, St. Charles, MO; 636/300-2026;

Continuous Ink-Jet Printer
A small-character continuous ink-jet printer is designed to be easy to operate through its intuitive user interface and a simplified fluid replacement system with the industry’s first microchip-enabled fluid bottle, called Smart Cartridge. A unique printhead automatically sets up and adjusts to environment changes, resulting in consistently sharp print quality in even the most challenging environments. Designed for medium-duty applications that involve printing codes roughly 16 to 20 hours per day six days per week, Model 1510 is the first release in the new 1000 line of small character continuous ink jet printers. The Smart Cartridge utilizes a fluid bottle with a microchip that identifies whether compatible fluid has been installed, to prevent errors in ink types or switching make-up and ink bottles. The Smart Cartridge design is uniquely shaped to drain completely, wasting no residual ink to further reduce costs. A needle-and-septum design eliminates the need for operators to pour ink, preventing fluid spillage and waste. The integrated core, which consolidates the printer’s key ink system components into one part, requires preventive maintenance only every 9,000 hours, or 18 months, for medium-duty applications. Videojet Technologies, Wood Dale, IL; 800/843-3610;


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