Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Cartoners and Wrappers

PLA Shrink-Wrapper

A packaging-machinery manufacturer has collaborated with two developers of the corn-based biodegradable polylactide (PLA) film to create a shrink-wrapper designed to package products of different sizes and shapes into bundles using PLA film. The automatic Eco-Bundler can shrink-wrap packages in the PLA film or traditional polyethylene, polypropylene, or PVC films. The machine is designed to completely cover packages in the shrink-wrapping process to protect the product from dust, water, and scratches. The biodegradable film is designed to provide high clarity and can wrap around any configuration of bottles, boxes, and odd-shaped containers. Polypack Inc., Pinellas Park, FL; 727/578-5000;

Intermittent-Motion Cartoner

An intermittent-motion cartoner features a 3.8-m footprint and an output rate of up to 165 cartons per minute. The SI 10 cartoner is specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications. It features standard and custom-engineered infeed systems designed to enable components of varying sizes and shapes to be loaded into the same carton. The machine also features servo-driven technology and reproducible size changeovers. IWKA PacSystems, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575;

Vertical Cartoner

A fully automatic vertical cartoner is designed to load bottles and vials at speeds of 80 to 120 cartons per minute. The Model 74A707 transports products vertically through the machine to reduce potential leakage and ensure product integrity. The machine is designed to erect, load, and close cartons for an operator-free production line. The cartoner features an infeed conveyor that can be mated with a rotary table or other accumulating device to feed in the bottles. It is capable of accommodating a range of carton sizes and styles, including glue, tuck, and fifth-panel display. Bivans Corp., Los Angeles, CA; 323/225-4248;

End-Load Cartoner

An automatic end-load cartoner features a three-head vacuum carton feeder and a carton magazine with a motorized hopper. The SL903 produces up to 130 cartons per minute. It is designed to handle a large range of carton sizes. The machine features adjustable handwheels for carton flight chains and for the pockets of the infeed conveyor. The product inserter features quick-release pushers. The cartoner also features machine guards designed to provide easy access and maximum “visibility. Lifting the guard over the product inserter frees the pusher arms, which can be lifted and slid back. Jams caused by oversized products can easily be cleared. It also features a touch screen controller. Bradman Lake Group, Bristol, UK; +44 11 79715228;

Blister Cartoner

A manufacturer of blister packaging systems offers a cartoner designed to output up to 500 cartons per minute. The C 2504 cartoner features a cast-composite machine frame designed to make the machine operate more quietly. It features an operator-friendly touch screen and a tool identification system. Safety-glass doors on the unit provide easy accessibility. The machine also features automatic initial filling of blister magazines. Additional components offered for the machine include a separate vacuum system designed to ensure a cleanroom atmosphere and automatic adjustment of all stations to new carton sizes. The machine is designed to provide continuous and gentle blister transfer without the need for format parts. An integrated checkweigher is also available. Uhlmann Packaging Systems L.P., Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;

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