Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Cartoners and Wrappers

Horizontal Cartoner

A continuous-motion horizontal cartoner produces throughputs of up to 300 cartons per min. The Promatic PC 4300 can accommodate products packed in blisters, bottles, tubes, jars, vials, and sachets. The machine’s handling systems protect the product and cartons, while the positive control is designed to enhance overall performance. The structure is designed to provide easy access for quick changeover with low maintenance. Romaco Inc., Pompton Plains, NJ; 973/616-0440;

Automatic Casepacker

An automatic, two-station casepacker features a balcony design that provides a full inside view of the machine and full-length access doors for the operator. The Z-Pro is a compact unit that can operate at speeds up to 12 cases or trays per min. The machine can produce trays, preglued (RSC) end-load cases, and wraparound cases. All operations are performed in two stations on a single level. It also features a touch screen interface that provides line fault monitoring and diagnostic displays, a PLC, a servo-driven controlled main flight chain for case positioning, and lubrication-free components for easy maintenance and changeover. Optional features offered include low-case-level detection, open-flap detection, and a three-color beacon warning. Thiele Technologies, Minneapolis, MN; 612/782-1200;

Pass-Through Heat Sealer

A heat sealer features lateral pass-through capabilities for sealing a pouch at any depth. The CerTek P-Series Vacuum/Gas Flush Precision Pass-Thru heat sealer can be used for header bags that require a secondary seal below the header after sterilization. It also features a multiuse table-top bar sealer engineered for medical pouches and precision-sealing applications. It is available with top heat, process control and display through the LCD touch screen HMI, closed-loop heated seal die, and recipe storage and data acquisition. Sencorp Inc., Hyannis, MA; 508/771-9400;

Case Sealer

An automatic, adjustable case sealer performs pharmaceutical packaging operations in high-moisture and corrosive environments. Requiring little operator training, the 3M-Matic 800af-s is constructed from stainless steel and handles a wide range of RSC sizes. Flaps are folded and sealed at up to 28 cases per min. The machine features a box gate and indexer that separates cases from a flooded infeed conveyor. It can accommodate cases sizes from 4.75 in. high × 4.75 wide to 24.5 in. high × 21.5 in. wide. Twin motor side drives are designed to handle case weights from 5 to 85 lb. 3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes Division, St. Paul, MN; 800/567-1639;

Stretch Wrapper

An automatic overhead stretch wrapper can be customized with more than 100 options, including a load-locking system and a 6000-lb capacity conveyor. The S-1200 is designed for conveyor feed, in-line, end-of-line, or freestanding operations. It can wrap 30 to 45 loads per hour. The manufacturer also offers a system that pre-stretches film up to 300% to be used in conjuction with the stretch wrapper. The wrapper uses a single-leg chassis design that is compact and enables quick installation with existing conveyor lines. It handles loads up to 58 in. wide and 80 in. tall. It also provides automatic load indexing, film attachment, cutting, and wiping. A touch screen control allows for reprogramming of wrap parameters. The screen is designed to ensure consistent wrap force and performance. Photocells automatically monitor the wrap zone for proper load sequencing throughout the process., Louisville, KY; 800/866-0322;

Pallet Cover

An insulated pallet cover is designed to enhance insulating performance in order to protect products. It is made with durable, reflective stock that provides high tear and puncture resistance. Bottom sheets are available. Stock sizes include 48 × 42 × 48 in. and 48 × 42 × 72 in. Custom sizes are also offered. The manufacturer is a converter and distributor of packaging products designed to protect temperature-sensitive products. Providence Packaging, Mooresville, NC; 704/660-1469;


A company offers an overwrapper designed for simple line connection with its cartoners. The E 3060 overwrapper has a processing speed of up to 450 cartons per minute. It can handle up to 60 bundles simultaneously, accommodating bundle sizes from 25 × 20 × 50 mm to 250 × 250 × 150 mm. The machine features jam monitoring with an early warning system, exact foil feed via servomotor, and a foil-tensioning device with tear control. It can also handle foil rolls up to 300 mm in diameter. The overwrapper provides heated side-sealing of the folded foil ends via temperature control. Uhlmann, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;


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