Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Cartoners and Wrappers

Low-Profile Cartoner

A continuous-motion cartoner features a small footprint and low-profile design that provides an unobstructed view of product. The CM625 reaches speeds of up to 320 cartons per minute. The servo-driven system also features a vibration-free base frame made of steel. The system has a drop-through design for excess or rejected product and rotary carton setup. Packaging Systems Automation Inc., Plymouth, MN; 763/473-1032;

Intermittent-Motion Cartoner

A cartoner is designed to store job information for repeatable size changeover. The SI 10 intermittent-motion cartoner features an accessible design that allows for reduced line-clearance times. The machine outputs up to 165 cartons per minute and features a 3.8-m footprint. Standard and custom-engineered infeed systems are available to handle the loading of multiple components of varying shapes and sizes into the same carton. IWKA PacSystems, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575;

Stretch-Wrapping System

A stretch-wrapping system is designed to enable OEMs to satisfy retailers who are currently asking for products to be shipped on smaller pallets. According to the manufacturer, some retailers are asking that product be delivered on pallets with a 40-in. load height instead of a 70-in. load height, requiring the same volume of product to be shipped on nearly twice as many pallets. The system features a proprietary Ring-Straddle film-delivery system that is designed to wrap loads using 50-g film that is prestretched 250% without any film breaks. The machine wraps at high speeds so that almost all film recovery occurs on the load, providing high containment force and reduced film use., Louisville, KY; 800/866-0322;

Bottle-Loading Cartoner

A vertical cartoner is designed to automatically load bottles and vials at speeds of up to 100 cartons per minute. The Model 74A707 positions products vertically to eliminate potential leakage and ensure product integrity. The machine is designed to erect, load, and close cartons. It also features an infeed conveyor. A range of carton sizes and styles, including glue, tuck, and fifth-panel display, can be accommodated. Bivans Corp., Los Angeles; 323/225-4248;

Coding Cartoner

A cartoner features integrated laser and ink-jet coding systems. The P1600 cartoner is designed specifically for medium lot sizes. It can package blisters, sachets, vials, and inhalers. The cartoner can be integrated with a blister machine or used as a stand-alone horizontal system. The intermittent-motion machine can output up to 150 cartons per minute. It also features hot-melt and tuck-in-flap sealing systems. MediSeal GmbH, Schloss-Holte, Germany; +49 52078880;; MediSeal is a division of Körber Medipak, Clearwater, FL; 727/538-4644;

Pharmaceutical Cartoner

A manufacturer offers a pharmaceutical cartoner that is designed to accommodate a range of carton styles and sizes. The Eclipse cartoner features the manufacturer’s Guardian open-access guarding system, which is designed to allow easy operator access to the machine. Infeed solutions available include vials, bottles, tubes, dispensers, and other primary packages, as well as literature inserts. Changeovers can be completed without tools. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;

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