Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Blister Machinery

High-Speed Blister Machine

A blister machine has an output capability of 1300 blisters/min. The B1880 is offered in intermittent- and continuous-sealing modes. The machine has a sliding and closing mechanism for the protective doors, which are designed to be scratch resistant and shatterproof to provide added operator safety and easier access for cleaning. It also features an identification system called ToolControl that ensures correct selection of tools and format parts. A twin reel support for the forming film allows for preparation of film roll changes without halting production for all common types of forming film. The machine incorporates a touch screen controller through a SCADA central line control system. The machine has a smaller footprint and a lower operating noise level than previous models. Uhlmann Packaging Systems L.P., Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;


A mechanical-drive, deep-draw thermoformer has a cutting speed of up to 300 packs/min. Each station on the machine, including the material feed station, is independently driven by brushless motors that are all synchronized. The balcony-style machine has a PC-controlled operator interface. Size parts are fitted on the front of the unit. This design allows for easy access to complete toolless changeovers quickly. The product-packaging zone is separate from the machine’s electrical and electronic part housings. The unit consists of three basic modules. The first houses the stations for feeding, forming, unwinding, preheating, and thermoforming material. The second module includes unwinding, sealing, cooling, and perforating the lidding material. The third houses the second feed unit, the cutter, and waste recovery. The feed zone can be extended as needed and is accessible from both sides. The surface of the forming area is 254 × 220 mm and up to 42 mm deep. Two models of the machine are available: one with a traditional cutter and another with a fast cutter station. Marchesini Group S.p.A., Pianoro, Bologna, Italy; +39 051 651 87 11;

Blister Sealers

A company offers a line of two-station, shuttle-type sealers designed for low-to-medium production. The 15-T series of sealers features shuttles on each side of the machines, allowing operators to alternate sealing packages. These systems can be used for sealing conventional carded blister packs as well as for medical and pharmaceutical applications using Tyvek, foil, thin plastic, and laminated-film stock. The company also offers a two-station, shuttle-type system, Model 15-DLX, that features improved operating efficiencies, a heavier duty frame, a roller slide tray system, and a smaller footprint than previous sealer models. Zed Industries Inc., Vandalia, OH; 937/667-8407;

Multiple-Panel Card Machine

A company offers its third generation of blister card machines that feature modular designs, multiple-panel-card capacity, and toolless changeovers for folding heat-sealed cards or gluing and folding cards. The machines include four different blister-feeding configurations. They can run at speeds up to 300 cards/min. They also feature literature insertion stations and a card-folding section. Change parts are designed as toolless subassemblies for quick, repeatable changeovers. A touch screen HMI is supplied. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;

Servo-Driven Blister Machine

A balcony-style blister machine features servomotors and a positive-transfer system. The Blisterpac BP 20 C, part of the manufacturer’s BP Series blister pack machines, is designed to provide positive control of produced blisters between the blister machine and the cartoner. The ergonomic design facilitates quick, reproducible, toolless changeover as well as easy access for cleaning or retrofitting. The machine’s output rates are 30-70 strokes/min for forming and a maximum of 300 strokes/min for punching. It is equipped to handle forming base webs of PVC, PVdC, Aclar, and PP/ALU- compound materials. Optional features include a fully enclosed infeed area, a vision system, a choice of roller or platen sealing, online lidding foil printing, and material-handling systems. IWKA PacSystems Inc., Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575;


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