Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Bags and Pouches

A manufacturer offers a pouch that is constructed from Tyvek and nylon and is designed to provide puncture-resistant packaging for medical devices. The pouch features medical-grade Tyvek 1073B that is coated with the manufacturer’s SealScience-brand adhesive. The Tyvek is sealed to a clear 4.0-µm nylon lamination to provide puncture and abrasion resistance. The pouch is designed to safely hold angular-shaped devices or procedural kit trays. It can be used as an alternative to traditional lidded-tray packages. Tolas Healthcare Packaging, an Oracle Packaging company, Feasterville, PA; 215/322-7900;

Unit-Dose Pouch

A flexible pouch is used to package a brush or swab applicator with a premeasured amount of liquid product. The CombiStick is designed to enable accurate application of topical creams, ointments, and oral-care products. Users twist the small pouch along a perforation to remove the medicinal product and applicator from the package. The package can be printed with high-quality graphics. Sonic Packaging Industries Inc., Westwood, NJ; 201/666-4744;

High-Barrier Film Pouches

A provider of packaging systems offers two high-barrier, coextruded bagging materials. The CBAR and WBAR films are available in Autobag bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch bags-in-a-box configurations. Both materials are designed to resist tears and punctures, liquids, odors, and grease. They feature low rates of oxygen and moisture-vapor transference. They are available in clear or white opaque styles. Automated Packaging Systems, Streetsboro, OH; 330/342-2000;



Specimen-Transport Bag

A low-density polyethylene (LDPE) specimen-transport bag is designed to be leak resistant. The bag features two separate pockets for containing samples and documentation. The bag is 6 × 9 in. and features a fold-over adhesive ribbon seal. The fold-over feature provides a tamper-evident visual seal across both sections of the bag to keep both the contents and the handlers of the bag safe from contamination. The bags are available with custom absorbent inserts. Various printing and sizing options also are offered. Qosina, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3000;

Pouch Sealant

A packaging materials supplier offers an uncoated-Tyvek pouch featuring the company’s proprietary sealant. The Allegro T sealant is designed to provide fiber-free peels and consistent seal strength on chevron pouches. The sealant, which was formulated with the company’s polyethylene-based sealant chemistry, offers a wider operating window than traditional polyester/ polyethylene constructions (approximately 35°F instead of 10°F). It also is designed to provide more-consistent seal strength, regardless of the temperature at which the seal is activated. Pouches featuring the sealant are designed to withstand ethylene oxide or gamma sterilization. Rollprint Packaging Products, Addison, IL; 508/520-9784;

Desiccating Pouch

A pouch features desiccating technology and is constructed with uncoated Tyvek to allow for ETO gas sterilization. The DesiVent pouch begins working immediately after sterilization by driving down the relative humidity in the package. The pouch is designed to maximize product shelf life by maintaining the efficacy of the drug coating. The pouch’s moisture scavenging system is built into the foil lamination. It removes moisture with resins that are blended into the sealant layer. This process is designed to eliminate seal, product, and sterile field contamination risks associated with alternative absorbers such as sachets. Alcan Packaging—Medical Flexibles Americas, Chicago; 773/399-8450;

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