Packaging Resource Center: The Latest In Bags and Pouches

Abuse-Resistant Film Bag
A company has unveiled a tear-resistant bag. The manufacturer says the DuraTear Film Bag offers exceptional resistance to punctures from medical devices with sharp corners or edges, high impact strength if the bag is dropped or struck sharply, outstanding resistance to abrasion from being stacked on itself or rubbed against other surfaces, and an easy and consistent tear opening feature. The bag is available with or without vents, and is compatible with both radiation and EtO sterilization (with vents). Amcor Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 800/447-0049;

Air-Filled Pouches
A new upgrade for a void-fill system is available. The AirPouch Express 3 upgrade reduces maintenance by eliminating common wear and tear, according to the manufacturer, and extends the length of time between maintenance cycles. The engineering design has replaced the commonly used cutting knife with a vertical perforating process to slit the film prior to filling each pillow with air. Automated
Packaging Systems; 888/288-6224;

Heavy-Duty Medical Bags
New flexible bags are available. Nalgene Bioprocess Bag Management Systems support flexible containers for bulk intermediate reagents and solutions. A rigid, puncture-resistant polycarbonate shell top and bottom forms a protective barrier around the bioprocess bag. This system isolates and stabilizes the bag and tubing during transport for single-use flexible systems in biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical applications. A front compartment provides storage for tubing, and the interior is contoured to fit commercially available bags such as the manufacturer’s Hyclone 5L and 20L Labtainer Bioprocess containers. Clear and opaque versions are available. Bags can withstand temperatures from –80 to 121°C, suiting them to frozen and autoclave applications. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milford, MA; 508/742-5254;

High-Barrier Laminate
A high-barrier laminate film is available. PerfecPharm is a white film made of layered BoPET, white PE, foil, and the manufacturer’s proprietary PE EZ Peel. It’s used for products needing maximum UV, oxygen or moisture barrier, and applications requiring a peel-open package feature. The EZ Peel sealant provides consistent peel force and excellent visual transfer, according to the manufacturer. Perfecseal, Oshkosh, WI; 920/303-7300;

Solvent-Free Overwrap
A high-barrier overwrap with a proprietary seal is available. Triad is a solvent-free overwrap for chemically sensitive, high-speed pharmaceutical applications. The sealant layer, made of the manufacturer’s metallocene-based sealant chemistry, bonds to foil without solvent or water-based materials. This extrusion-coated laminate of polyester, aluminum foil, and metallocene has been engineered for a strong hermetic weld seal in high-speed, chemically sensitive pharmaceutical applications. Rollprint, Addison, IL; 630/628-1700;

Multilayer Foils
Multilayer foils are available for all wound dressings. The PLM12 line  offers foil trilaminate (a foam covered by foil on both sides), the same foil with additional adhesive layer and covering foil and a simple foil of a PU/silicone mix. The company says this selection leads to wound dressings for specific applications in the next step of the production process. The modularly designed line incorporates functions such as lane processing, ongoing ultrasound preparation, hot and cold lamination, edge trimming, delamination,  and automatic storage and transportation trolley changes. Medicon, Tuttlingen, Germany; +49 7462 20090;

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