The Latest in Sealers


Cool Heat Sealing

A company has made a new packaging automator available. The PACjacket automated packaging system encases product in water-resistant bubble packaging with a patent-pending “cool” heat-sealing technology, instead of using cold-seal or cold-fusion material. The process requires no venting and produces no fumes, according to the manufacturer. The company claims that material, labor, and shipping costs are reduced when using this system. PAC Worldwide, Redmond, WA; 425/202-4000;

Slitter and Sealer

A company has created a single machine with two actions. The Slitter/Sealer is a continuous-motion machine for high-speed inline case handling designed for tablock case types. Its pitch adjustment employs servomotors and variable drive controls to aid precise timing and to eliminate operator error, according to the manufacturer. The infeed design provides good product timing, according to the manufacturer, and inline case handling achieves speeds of more than 100 cases per minute. Standard-Knapp, Portland, CT; 860/342-1100;

Redesigned Pouch- Sealing

A company introduces a new version of a packaging machine. The PurePouch packaging machine performs semiautomated medical packaging with poly, Tyvek, or foil-laminated chevron peel pouches supplied in rollstock. The new version features updates including improved operator ergonomics, a servo-driven web path, a new touch screen, a built-in Ethernet port, a 50% increase in indexing speed, and enhanced maintenance diagnostics. The PurePouch Packaging Machine consolidates multiple packaging options and reduces costs by using rollstock instead of individual pouches, removing operator variables, printing package information directly onto pouches inline, and facilitating the validation process. PurePouch LLC, Ham Lake, MN; 763/746-7750;

Heat Sealer

A heat-sealing machine was designed with laboratories and custom compounders in mind. The MTS7 features an all-stainless-steel construction, a built-in air compressor, front and back sealers, and solid-state timers. It has a maximum seal length of 7 in., a seal width of 0.25 in., and operates using 115 V ac. The company also offers the STS-7 model, which can be used on all polyethylene, laminated, and glaminated tubes. It is a self-contained unit with a built in air compressor and solid-state heat and cool timers. An adjustable stainless-steel shelf with height gauges allow for easy changeover of various-height tubes., Jericho, NY; 888/212-0860;

High-Speed Sealing

A packaging machinery manufacturer introduces a new inline applicator. The 90-series Shrinksealer applies bands in size from 0.375–3-in. diameters and 0.625–8-in. tall. Speeds range from up to 500 containers per minute or as slow as 200 containers per minute, to synchronize with varying speeds on processing systems. Monolayer and multilayer PVC, PETG, PLA, and OPS films, in gauges as thin as 40 µm, are compatible, depending on throughput rate and cap configuration. PDC International Corp., Norwalk, CT; 203/853-1516;



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