The Latest in Inserts and Outserts


Content-Rich Label

A packaging solutions provider introduces extended labels for cylindrical bottles and vials. The Extended Content Label (ECL) line includes three styles. Booklets are pressure-sensitive labels containing several pages up to 0.125 in. in size. Multi Plys contain information on the top and underside of labels, which lift up and re-adhere to bottles with each read. Wrap-arounds meet the needs of international products. These labels wrap around themselves to double copy space and present several lines of text regarding product usage and warnings. All labels can be laminated, and prearched for round containers. Cortegra; 800/242-4657;

Outsert System

A company has created a new system for outserting. The MV-2005 Outsert System can now be configured with a new 14-plate G&K FA 53 folder to fold outserts with up to 150 panels at speeds that reach 12,000 leaflets per hour, according to the manufacturer. In its standard configuration, the MV-2005 folds outserts with up to 130 panels. It is electronically controlled and is equipped for off-site diagnostic analysis. Systems for folding outserts with fewer panels and smaller maximum sizes are available. The company will soon introduce a computerized MV-2008 Outsert System that folds outserts with up to 90 panels at speeds of up to 12,000 leaflets per hour. Vijuk Equipment Inc., Elmhurst, IL; 630/530-2203;


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