The Latest in Blister Machinery


Solution Allies

Two companies have joined forces to create an automated blister packaging solution. Sigpack Systems was launched as a partnership to produce a machine that packages blisters in a sliding tray. The system includes a sealing station to create the sliding mechanism, a continuous-motion carton folder, and a high-speed product assembly station. The machines meet pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. Burgopak, London; +44 20 7089 1950; Bosch Sigpack Systems, Beringen, Switzerland;

High-Speed Blisters

A high-speed packaging machine for blisters is now available. The B1660 blister machine is available in either continuous- or intermittent-motion configurations, and features a simultaneous tablet placement feeder, integrated process at blister cartoner transfer, and operating speed of up to 700 blisters per minute, which can all be conducted in a quiet “whisper” mode. It can be controlled by a touch screen with 3-D visualization, and utilizes a quick-change tool system. The maximum format area is 280 × 284 mm and the system includes a production data acquisition system to speed process analysis. Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;

Cold- and Thermoforming

A new blister-packaging machine is on the market. The MAC S-100 blister packaging machine is capable of both thermoforming with plug assist and cold-forming. With servomotor-driven indexing, it features toolless changeover, PLC controls with touch screen HMI and Ethernet connectivity, optional vision system for quality assurance, and stainless-steel construction. Four stations in the machine include forming, sealing, code date or perforating, and die-cutting. The system is recipe-driven for fast changeover and setup. Service Industries LLC, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/392-1652;

Modular Machinery

A company introduces a CGMP compliant blister machine. Designed for an output speed of 300 blisters per minute, the IWK Blisterpac BP 5 offers fast, toolless changeovers, servo-driven creep-feed start-up web transport, and a platen sealing station with integrated cooling. The product feeding area’s modular design allows for extensions necessary for multiphase products, and all drives can be integrated into one unit for a simple exchange of feeding systems, according to the manufacturer. Oystar USA Pharmaceutical Packaging Division, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575,

New Blister Line

A new integrated blister line is on the market. The Giant 1 is a blister and cartoner solution for large volume lines in a small footprint. High production efficiency results from an integrated connection and reduced changeover times. The Giant 1 offers a patented cutting solution to address product recall; it guarantees that rejected faulty blisters cannot be matched in further packaging processes because of their different shape. IMA North America, Bristol, PA; 215/826-8500;

Wallet Card Maker

A company introduces a new wallet blister card maker. Its latest High-Speed Blister Card Folder/Wallet Packaging System includes modular stations and devices for flexibility and product changeover. Speeds of up to 300 packages per minute are available, and the system can be configured in-line with blister thermoformers or off-line in batch mode. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;


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