The Latest in Lidding and Trays


Tray Filler

A company has introduced a tray-filling machine. The TaskMate robotic loading, collating, and assembly system combines a FANUC LR Mate mini robot with end-of-arm tooling in one suite to reduce repetitive motion for loading, unloading, collating, and assembling medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The equipment works in several environments, including cleanroom settings. The system includes a tabletop platform, interlocked guarding, and optional light curtain, and all elements integrate with process or packaging equipment, according to the manufacturer. ESS Technologies Inc., Blacksburg, VA; 540/961-5716;

New Tray-Sealing Designs

A medical device packaging and assembly firm has expanded its package design and sealing capabilities. New double-shuttle tray-sealers are available for trays as large as 14 × 19 in. and 8-in. deep, to 1.5 × 3.5 in. The company has also hired additional package design engineers to translate medical device descriptions and specifications into package designs. Specializing in Class 7 cleanroom assembly, the facilities are ISO certified to 13485:2003 and are FDA compliant. Quality Tech Services Inc., Bloomington, MN; 952/942-8321;

Diagnostic Tray

A custom-injection molder has designed a new pharmaceutical diagnostic tray. Produced through a customized film insert molding process, the tray is produced with a 120-ton Sumitomo injection molding machine outfitted with a Yushin robot. The 384-well tray is suitable for pharmaceutical drugs used in research and development. Plastic for the tray is molded in a Class 100,000 cleanroom, where tray flatness and clarity are carefully monitored. Plastics Engineering and Development Inc., Carlsbad, CA; 760/931-1844;

New Lidding Machinery Catalog

A company has released a new catalog that features products for tray and lidding machines. The metric and inch catalogs offer more than 3000 new products and size or material additions to existing products. LX and KUA linear actuators, linear shafts with drilled hole, miniature linear guides with dowel holes on rail and block, medium to heavy load dustproof linear guides, left-hand precision ball screws, square support units for ball screws, and angular bearing with housings are among the new items. The company says it will make promotional offers and product discounts available. Misumi USA Inc.; 800/681-7475,

Cleanroom Machine

A sterile and nonsterile packaging provider has upgraded its equipment and facilities. The 3036CFT from Modern Machinery is a custom designed thermoformer with 24 separate servo control stations that enable tight tolerances to be maintained. The company acquired the thermoformer as part of an upgrade and tenfold increase in space to its ISO Class 8 cleanroom. The cleanroom, which was expanded to meet the needs of medical packagers, now offers a fully climate-controlled production area that enables tighter process control and reduced particulates. Barger Packaging Inc., Elkhart, IN; 574/389-1860;

Sealable and Peelable Lids

A company has debuted directly sealable and peelable lidding. Rayopeel laminations for lidding fit will all types of rigid containers such as APET, PAN, PETG, PVC, and HIPS trays. The film is laminated to a variety of substrates to address a range of packaging requirements. A combination of heavy-gauge PET, foil, and Rayopeel laminate is available for die-cut lid applications that require high moisture and oxygen barrier. Other Rayopeel rollstock lidding options include a thin-gauge high-barrier combination of PET, foil, and Rayopeel; a medium-barrier mixture of PET, metallized PET, and Rayopeel; and a combination PET and Rayopeel lamination for lower-barrier applications. Rayopeel lidding produces a consistent peel and a choice of visual seal transfer for confirmation of seal integrity, according to the company. The lidding is suitable for radiation and gamma sterilization. Amcor Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 847/362-9000;


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