Packaging Helps Dentists Avoid Confusion


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The Drill on Dental Packaging

When is a package not a package? When it's the package for BioMend, an absorbable collagen membrane used to treat advanced cases of periodontal disease. Mangar Industries (New Britain, PA) designed the Tyvek package for Calcitek Inc. (Carlsbad, CA), a member of the Sulzermedica consortium of medical device manufacturers, to hold the membrane and also serve as a template that dentists could punch out and use as a guide to cut the membrane. Another important objective of the package, explains Roger Allan, director R&D/Tech Services for Mangar, was to distinguish the templates from the membranes. "The collagen is very similar to the Tyvek that is being used," he explains. To ensure that the clinicians would not stitch the Tyvek as opposed to the product into the gums, Mangar embossed the template with a dimple pattern to distinguish it from the product. In addition to several die-cut shapes, the package contains a flap that is left blank so that clinicians can cut out their own templates. The use of a template also reduces the risk of contaminating the membrane because it allows the membrane to be cut prior to placing it in the patient's mouth.

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