Packaging for Fresh Breath

Glenroy Inc. (Menomonee Falls, WI) has teamed up with Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (Morris Plains, NJ) in the ongoing battle against bad breath. The company will package Pfizer's new Listerine PocketPaks strips aimed at quickly and effectively killing bad-breath germs for that just-brushed feeling when a toothbrush is out of reach.

These postage stamp–sized oral care strips dissolve instantly on the tongue, killing 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria within 30 seconds, according to the company.

To support the concept of convenience and portability, the strips are packaged in a reclosable plastic vial, which holds up to 24 strips and is designed to aid the consumer in dispensing one strip at a time. The vial is then packaged in either a blister card or a flexible pouch made by Glenroy.

The introduction of moisture is essential to release the strips' active ingredients, but introducing it at the wrong time could cause the product to dissolve prematurely in the package. Therefore, it is essential that the packaging protect against product degradation.

"The challenge was to provide an exciting look for a new product while protecting the moisture-sensitive strips at an affordable cost," says Mike Foy, account manager for Glenroy. The company addressed these needs by using a proprietary multilayer foil laminate to provide high barrier with an attractive reverse-printed design. Glenroy's graphics manager, Michael Crownover, worked with Pfizer's graphics team to create an illustrative package that demonstrates how to use the product. "An eight-color flexographic printed design was created for the sample pouch to match the blister-card package used as one of the retail packages for the PocketPaks," explains Foy.

Glenroy supplies Pfizer with flexible packaging material used in several of its over-the-counter products. The company also supplies the packaging material used for the Listerine mouthwash pouch, which won the Flexible Packaging Association's top packaging award in 1998.

Kassandra Kania

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