Pack Expo Las Vegas 2011

Produced by PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute), Pack Expo Las Vegas 2011 will be at the Las Vegas (Nevada) Convention Center September 26–28, 2011. More than 1600 exhibitors will showcase their latest advances in machinery and materials in more than 600,000 net square feet.

Special pavilions include The Pharmaceutical Pavilion, The Reusable Packaging Pavilion, The Brand Zone, and The Processing Zone.

Debuting at the show is the Pack Expo Leadership Lecture series, with General Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, presenting the talk, “Diplomacy: Persuasion, Trust, and Values.”

An enhanced conference program supported by the Institute of Packaging Professionals and other trade groups fosters education, including a “Meet the Press” panel organized by Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News and Packaging Digest. Editors Daphne Allen, John Kalkowski, and Lisa Pierce will interview the following industry professionals on achieving packaging efficiency:

• Mike Marcinkowski, Principal Engineer, Global Packaging Development, Gillette/Procter & Gamble.
• Garry Kohl, Senior Director of Packaging Research and Development, Frito Lay/Pepsico.
• Mark Green, Manager Packaging Equipment Engineering, Global Engineering and Supply Chain, Abbott Nutrition Supply Chain.

Clemson University will also be on hand to cover the future of retailing and packaging.

In addition, among the general sessions, Brett Yates of United Therapeutics will present “Packaging Start Up & Qualification: A Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective on the Project Management Considerations Related to Product Packaging.”
The Showcase of Packaging Innovations will highlight 300 award-winning packages making headlines in several industries.
The Sixth annual Pack Expo Selects Competition will also take place, so remember to vote.

In addition, market-specific lounges for networking and education on the show floor include The Candy Bar, The Baking/Snack Break, and the Rx Lounge.

Learn more and register for PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2011 at After September 7, admission to the exhibition is $60 and to the conference sessions is $125.

Exhibitor Products

Sorbent solutions can maintain product stability and extend product shelf life for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics, and combination drug/device products. Drop-In, Fit-In, and Built-In sorbent solutions are designed to meet the specialized and often complex needs of the healthcare industry. Using data on drug characteristics, packaging materials properties, and desired shelf life, the company’s packaging experts can determine an optimized sorbent formulation for the management of moisture, oxygen, and volatiles. The recommended formulation is then presented in the format best suited to the product: Drop-In, Fit-In, or Built-In. Drop-In solutions are placed directly into the product packaging. These include StabilOx packets and canisters, StripPax packets, and SorbiCap canisters. As part of a systems-based approach, Drop-In sorbents combined with the company’s APA series of dispensing machinery ensure the integrity of the packaging process by offering seamless integration of sorbent placement in packaging presentations. The company will be showcasing StripPax dispensers, including the APA-500 (semi-automated) and APA-2000 (high-speed, fully automated). Fit-In sorbents offer an on-board solution. A compressed sorbent, such as Multiform CSF, is custom shaped to fit into an existing space within the device or packaging to offer increased sorbent protection per unit volume than traditional loose-fill packets and canisters.  For even greater customization, a Built-In solution incorporates sorbent into a thermoplastic structural component of the device.
Multisorb Technologies, Buffalo, NY; 716/824-8900; 
Booth # S-5225

Tablet Counter and More
An elevator makes using an automatic tablet counter easier by enabling the filling of a tablet hopper to be completed at a reasonable height. The Pharmalift elevator then lifts and delivers tablets to the tablet counter. It can be retrofitted for all makes and models of tablet counters. The company will also be displaying its Versablock vial filler (shown), which offers the features of a high-end monoblock for filling, plugging, and pick-and-place capping. The unit operates at speeds up to 40 bottles per minute. Also on display will be a rotary capper, a tube filler, a syringe filling system, and a particle-inspection machine. Pallaypack,
Kirkland, Quebec, Canada; 514/630-1818;
Booth #C-4832

Inverted Flow Wrapper
Designed to package difficult-to-handle products, an inverted flow wrapper loads items directly onto a moving web of film, thus eliminating any transfer points. This configuration can process products that are not ordinarily controlled on a conventional upright horizontal wrapper. The machine features a sanitary modular design with cantilevered components. It operates at speeds up to 200 ppm with standard sealing head. Machines can be designed to run a variety of packaging materials such as polypropylene, many laminates, and low- and high-density polyethylene. Campbell Wrapper Corp., De Pere, WI; 920/983-7100;
Booth #C-1219

Thermal-Transfer Printer
With a print area of up to 2 × 3.1 in., a thermal-transfer printer enables users to print more serialized, variable, batch and/or fixed text and graphics to packages and labels than previous units. Capable of printing GS1 bar codes for track-and-trace and electronic pedigree serialization, the 53XL is suited for pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers and the OEMs that target these customers. The printer is available in intermittent motion for easy integration with a wide range of host
equipment including vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal systems, primary labelers, thermoformers, and overwrapping equipment. The standard 53XL is available off the shelf with a 29-in. bracket for 24-hour delivery. The bracket can also be
customized to meet other requirements. A variety of substrates can be marked with fixed and variable text including clock and calendar functions and serialization. Text and graphics can be printed both vertically and horizontally. The printer offers 300 dpi resolution, printer-resident bar codes, cassette ribbon loading, and a best-in-class thermal print head. Norwood Marking Systems, Downers Grove, IL; 800/830-4977;
Booth #C-617

A range of industrial PC-controlled checkweighers will be on display at Pack Expo, from a basic unit that can process up to 150 pieces/minute to high-end checkweighing that can handle up to 640 pieces/minute. The HC-Medium will be shown for the first time in the United States at Pack Expo. It is suitable for applications needing speeds of up to 250 pieces/minute. It is operated by an industrial PC and is characterized by its 10.4 in. mobile touch display. It features the same control concept of the high-end checkweigher. OCS Checkweighers Inc., Snellville, GA; 678/344-8300;
Booth #C-355

Weighing and Bagging Equipment
A complete system comprised of a Boxxer T-12 case erector, Tiger Scale V-25 bulk weigher, and Z.Zag palletizer will be demonstrated in full operation at Pack Expo. The Boxxer T-12 from Eagle Packaging Machinery automatically erects both slotted and half-slotted boxes at 12 boxes per minute. Boxes are then filled with a V-25 bulk weigher that can weigh 2 to 100 lb in a single discharge at speeds up to 20 cpm. Built with complete stainless-steel construction in an open-frame design for quick and easy cleaning, each weigh bucket is supplied with two load cells for accuracy and repeatability. Finished boxes are conveyed to the Z.Zag palletizer that automatically picks and places completed boxes on a pallet. Capable of lifting one or two cases at a time, the Z.Zag is designed for multiple pack patterns, both column-stacked and interlocked and features PLC, color touch screen, and stores 100 recipes. WeighPack Systems Inc., Las Vegas, NV; 702/450-0808;
Booth #C-4106

Inline Filling Machine
A variety of liquid-packaging machines, both automatic and semiautomatic, will be on display at a company’s booth at Pack Expo. The booth will feature the DFS inline filling machine (shown), which is an integrated, non-explosion-resistant, multifunction packaging system. The machine is designed to operate at a rate of 20 machine cycles/minute, with fill volumes from 125 to 500 ml, includes all necessary change parts to accommodate a total of four precapped containers sizes or styles. The filler’s capabilities include removing the screw thread caps, multistep filling the containers using peristaltic pump technology, reapplying the cap onto the container, and cap tightening. Also on display will be the company’s AdaptaFil benchtop with a rotary pump. Its technology features four easy-changeover metering systems, electronic networking capabilities, and sophisticated user-friendly controls in a small and sleek stainless-steel package. Filamatic, Baltimore, MD; 410/764-0900;
Booth #S-5282

Bag Sealers
A new line of medical bag sealers offers twice the heating and cooling capacity and an increase of 60% over previous versions, according to the company. The validatable control package on this sealer includes four independent temperature controllers with dedicated thermocouples for precise monitoring, a digital speed controller, and a digital pressure
control readout. The MPS 7300/7700 feature an all stainless-steel frame, and are CE marked. Standard options such as bag top trimmers, pressure rollers, emboss coders, and printers can be added. Plexpack, Toronto, ON, Canada; 416/291-8085;
Booth #C-305

Case Packer
A fully automatic case packer addresses serialization issues, making it a suitable solution for track-and-trace requirements. The MatriX has an infeed collator that provides for fail-safe inspection of the collated
cartons, virtually eliminating track-and-trace failures at the case packer. The unit also offers a space-saving base machine that is just under 3 M long. Its Klean Top design offers good site lines and fast, accurate changeovers. A servo-driven transport system affords ease of maintenance, while a positive vacuum opener opens even tough cases. MGS Machine Corp., Maple, Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;
Booth #C-3019

Small-Footprint Unscrambler
Featuring a compact footprint and a sorting vertical elevator, an unscrambler can be easily integrated into tight production areas. The all-stainless-steel plastic bottle unscrambler provides quick changeovers. The Model 30 Unisort’s heavy-duty stainless-steel and plastic bottle–contact parts, along with quality components, meet GMP standards and offer exceptional durability. The
unit comes with ac motors that simplify transmission by providing low maintenance. It can handle plastic round, rectangular, and square bottles, with minimum diameters ranging from ¾ in. up to 4 in. Heights from ⅝ in. to 7.5 in. can be
accommodated. The drive system and all other major components are easily accessible from floor level for easy maintenance. An optional air- and dust- collection vacuum is available to help remove loose particles inside the container. NJM/CLI, Lebanon, NH; 603/448-0300;
Booth #C-540

Carton Print-Inspection System
A stand-alone touch screen interface inspection system for up to three inspection points on a carton is easy to install and operate, according to the company. The CPI Express offers in-line high-resolution digital
printing of lot, expiration, and bar codes. It has a precision conveyor for horizontal and vertical print. Other features include ANSI/ISO on-line bar code grading, an integrated APS thermal-ink-jet printer, a custom character verification system, and a reject station. The machine can handle products ranging in length from 3 to 8 in.; in width from 1⅜ in. to 3⅜ in.; and from 1⅜ in. to 8 in. in height. Customized version are available. Nutec, Lawrenceville, NJ; 609/912-0145;
Booth #C-1217

Robotic Case Packing and Unpacking
A company will feature two robotic arms operating on a single PLC-based system performing case unpacking and case packing of bottles. It will also showcase a third robotic arm operating on proprietary robotic controls demonstrating case palletizing. The units are suitable to those looking to integrate robotics into existing fill lines. The robotics operate on industry-standard controls that can be seamlessly integrated with other line equipment. The company offers single-source responsibility for complete integrated robotic systems using Fanuc, Motoman, or KUKA arms, including system design, simulation, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and after-sales customer support. Intelligrated, Cincinnati, OH; 513/881-5239;

Horizontal Shrink Wrapper
A shrink wrapper can handle up to 100 packages per minute in clear or print-registered film. The machine’s seal bar can be converted from a horizontal to vertical configuration to accommodate taller products. The continuous-motion XLR8 film-folding system eliminates the need for multiple forming heads with its adjustable film former. Unlike conventional film inverters, the film path ensures equal transfer of grouped products onto the film without skewing the product configuration, making it suitable for multipacks and irregularly shaped products. The film forming and feeding method will use up to 2 in. less film than similar machines, according to the firm. In addition, the company claims that the single-wound film requirement increases the film capacity by more that 100%, thus improving productivity and reducing downtime caused by film change. ARPAC, Schiller Park, IL; 847/678-9034;
Booth #C-1000

Stock Program for Rollstock
A company is announcing a new stock program for many of its custom, high-performance rollstock products.  Up until now, these engineered structures could not be attained without higher-volume commitments. The stock program includes multiple high-performance materials including easy-open, peelable structures and foil composites for pouches and lidding applications. Also included are high-speed flow wrap materials which incorporate the firm’s proprietary ClearFoil barrier-coated polyester or aluminum foil coupled with an aggressive sealant.  These are suitable for a wide variety of granular, powdered, liquid, solid, etc. products which can benefit from both clarity and the absence of foil. The stock program also helps end users minimize upfront validation costs, while permitting the use of robust products for launch requirements. Rollprint Packaging Products,  Addison, IL; 512/869-6620;;
Booth #S-5907    

Spare Parts Portal
To provide customers with ease of ordering and optimized spare parts logistics, a company will launch its advanced E-Portal. The online platform contains customized as well as machine-specific spare parts data to ensure an efficient ordering process. Up-to-date information on availability and price can be accessed online at any time to enable reliable planning. It also provides a history of quotes and orders for transparent information and allows for rapid decision making. Bosch Packaging Technology,
Booth #C-1423

Table Counter
Featuring an all-new concept in counting based on a modular design, a tablet counter requires less space on a packaging line than other units because of its one-bottle-in, one-bottle-out system. The CF-622 consists of a choice of main frames with fixed side panels to accommodate a variable number of counting modules. Each module has six channels measuring 22 mm wide. The number of modules can vary from three to 10. The company claims its counter has proven 100% accuracy of its counting concept, with guaranteed outputs from 120 bpm to more than 300 bpm. Actual speed depends on the bottle neck and product flow, as well as the overall shape and size of the product. The simplicity of the machine enables the operator to accomplish short changeover times with repeatable set-ups using no tools. With removable modules, cleaning is simplified. Limited settings on the machine interface ease use. NJM/CLI, Lebanon, NH; 603/448-0300;
Booth #C-540

Bottle Filling System
A system processes round, rectangular, and oval bottles 45–200 millimeters in height and 25–125 mm in diameter. With no micro-stops, no ramp-up time, and the ability to quickly complete changeovers, the modular Integrated Bottle Packaging Center (IBC) 120 can handle all solid-dose products. It reliably packages diverse small- to medium-sized batches at a rate of up to 150 bottles, or 24,000 tablets or capsules, per minute. In between batches, it can be reset to a different bottle diameter in just six minutes, fully automatic and with no need for format parts and tools. The IBC-120 is designed to be streamlined and compact: at barely five meters in length, its monoblock design combines all the essential functions for the packaging of solid dose products in bottles and makes it, on average, 20 percent more efficient than line solutions composed of separate components. Part of the IBC-120’s efficiency lies in its user-friendliness. The integrated packaging stations are controlled by a central touchscreen user interface. Uhlmann Packaging Systems, L.P., Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;; www.
Booth # C4206

Thermoformers and Tray Sealers
Two compact machines will be on display to demonstrate the versatility and scalability of one company’s technology for smaller and mid-sized firms. The R145 thermoformer is a compact and flexible system incorporating industry-leading sanitary design principles and intuitive machine controls. It will also show its T200 compact semi-automatic tray sealer, a system ideal for lower production volumes and product package testing in pre-made trays. Vacuum skin packaging will also be demonstrated on this unit. The firm manufactures thermoform-fill-seal rollstock packaging solutions, vacuum chamber systems, traysealers, and labelers. Multivac Inc., 800/800-8552;
Booth #C-530

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