North American Tube Market Blasts off in 2010

The tube business in North America has come roaring back in 2010 versus a year ago. In September of 2008, when the credit crunch started to hit, the tube business started a decline as well. This decline continued for about 12 months then volumes started to pick up towards the 4th quarter of 2009.

In the first quarter of 2010, the fuse has been lit and the rocket ship known as the tube market has blasted off again. Many customers have depleted their inventories to levels they are not comfortable with and are expanding again. Promotions that were put on hold for 2009 are back in 2010. New product launches that were put on hold in 2009 are also back in the 2010 budgets.

Tube Council members are responding, adding capacity and offering creative and innovative solutions to meet the demands of the marketplace. Add up these scenarios and once again the North American tube market is strong.

Paul Goodman
The Tube Council

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