NEWS: Tablet Package Receives Design Award

Field Boxmore’s Panadol package houses a blister pack inside its book-like design.

A painkiller tablet package designed to resemble a book has earned its creator a top European packaging award.

The package, which houses GlaxoSmithKline’s Panadol painkiller in the United Kingdom, was produced by Field Boxmore, a subsidiary of packaging company Chesapeake Corp. (Richmond, VA). The book-like package was awarded the “Selection Spéciale du Jury” at the recent Pharmapack Exhibition in Paris.

The award-winning package opens to reveal an internal plastic blister pack with the Panadol tablets inside. The design itself allows the package to be easily opened and closed without damaging the blister pack. It also enables the package to be durable enough to run on high-speed packaging lines, according to company representatives.

The Panadol package also offers ample exterior and interior printing surface area for patient information. The exterior is manufactured from lacquer-coated board heat-sealed directly onto a metallic foil surface. It was jointly developed with GlaxoSmithKline and produced at Field Boxmore’s facility in Belfast, Ireland.

Field Boxmore is a leading European healthcare packager with 22 manufacturing sites throughout Europe.


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