NEWS: Perfecseal System Consolidates Device Packaging


This year’s winner of an Ameristar award from the Institute of Packaging Professionals (Naperville, IL) in the medical device packaging category is a dual rigid-tray system that currently accommodates 130 different orthopedic devices over three product lines in three manufacturing facilities for Smith & Nephew.

The Universal Thermoform Sterile Barrier Packaging system from Perfecseal features a polyurethane molded insert that offers abrasion, scuff, and puncture resistance. The cone-shaped device is collapsed with a finger to the height required to secure the implant. With the addition of a larger-sized tray system under development, the Universal system will package 309 devices, over an additional three product lines, says Tad Kinyon, Perfecseal project engineer.

The customer was using multiple foam inserts in multiple trays that were polybagged. The new design standardizes the packaging, allowing multiple-dimension devices to be packaged in the same tray system, which increases packaging material volumes and decreases seal tooling.

“The customer was able to eliminate six foam parts, and the poly bags. Closed-cell foam inserts are expensive, and foam has inherently high static levels which can increase the potential for contamination from particulate or debris,” says Kinyon.

The system provides superior protection during transport, and also supports easier presentation of the heavy devices in the sterile operating room field. Estimated annual cost savings are significant.


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