NEWS: New Dose Counter Available for Inhalers

Originally Published PMPN April 2005


New Dose Counter Available for Inhalers

The Landmark metering valve, manufactured by Valois S.A.S., can track how many actuations a patient uses.
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Without any clear indication of inhaler contents, asthma sufferers are often caught off guard when their inhalers come up empty. Because bronchial-opening drugs are needed at critical moments, having an empty one on hand could spell trouble for asthmatics.

FDA realized this back in 2003, when it ruled that all new pressurized metered-dose inhalers (PMDIs) must feature dose counters.

Valois S.A.S. had anticipated such a requirement. The firm manufactures metering valves for inhalers, such as that used for Ventolin by manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. Valois began working on a design before the rule, and 18 months later the firm introduced Landmark. The mechanical device tracks the number of actuations used by a patient over the life span of the individual PMDI unit. This device provides the patient with data on the amount of medication left in the PMDI.

The four-part inhaler features easy-to-read digits and uses color to indicate dose levels. It can count up to 200 doses. There is limited interference with the airflow path, and the design is completely washable. Valois can also custom design the dose indicator, the valve, and the actuator.

Valois conducted a user acceptance study, which showed that patients prefer to have the dose indicator integrated in front of the PMDI actuator.

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