News Briefs

Alga Plastics (Cranston, RI), a custom thermoformer, has been certified as a women�s business enterprise by the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE), the New England affiliate of the Women�s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). As a certified business, Alga is now eligible for sourcing opportunities through more than 500 U.S. corporations recognized as WBENC corporate partners. Alga was chosen for certification based on the fact that it is at least 51% women-owned, -managed, and -controlled. 

In other news, Alga has formed a strategic alliance with Vitalo Plastics (Meulebeke, Belgium). The partnership will reportedly combine the engineering, design, tooling, and manufacturing resources of both companies. Under the terms of the agreement, Alga will serve the North American, Canadian, and Latin American territories while Vitalo will serve Europe and Asia. 

IWKA PacSystems (Fairfield, NJ) launched its BP series of Blisterpac machines at its recent open house held June 16�17 at the company�s headquarters in Fairfield, NJ. About 50 pharmaceutical executives and packaging professionals attended the event, which featured special product presentations, covering topics such as blister packaging security and anticounterfeiting, automation, and digital/bar code printing.

CSAT America LLC (Louisville, CO) has announced that CSAT GmbH, its German parent company, has been awarded the Top 100 Seal of Approval for its outstanding new ideas. The study measures successful innovations already on the market as well as evaluates the four areas relating to further innovation in the future: a company�s innovative processes and organizational structure, its climate of innovation, the ways in which it markets its innovative products, and how innovation-friendly its management is. 

Doyen Medipharm (Lakeland, FL) and J-Pac (Somersworth, NH) have announced a merger. The companies will be held under a new parent company known as the Medipharm Manufacturing Group that will remain fully focused on the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

DVT Corp. (Duluth, GA) has entered into an agreement to acquire MTI Machine Vision LLC. Under the terms of the agreement, DVT is acquiring the rights to MTI�s machine vision software products and intellectual property as well as other related assets. 

Verify Brand Inc. (Minneapolis) has announced an agreement with Nosco to jointly produce, market, and sell the patent-pending Verify Brand product security and authentication capabilities to pharmaceutical and medical products brand owners. The solution is based on proprietary technology that generates and applies a serialized or unique alphanumeric code in human-readable or scannable format to individual product labels or packaging in a high-secure environment. 

Tagsys (Doylestown, PA) has acquired state-of-the-art high-performance RFID tag assembly equipment to increase its Folio tag production capacity by more than 300%. The machine uses a flip chip process that enables mass production of the flattest possible tag profile. Both HF and UHF tag production began in August, increasing the company�s production output in excess of 60 million Folio tags per year.


In the July 2004 feature, �The New Era of Desiccants,� we incorrectly identified some of the desiccant items from S�d-Chemie featured in the photograph on page 40. The caption stated that �S�d-Chemie offers a wide range of desiccant solutions, including polymer technology and traditional canisters.� In fact, the canisters pictured are not traditional canisters, but are the firm�s new oxygen-absorbing canisters marketed under the name PharmaKeep. We also failed to mention that S�d-Chemie offers desiccant packets, including PharmaKeep oxygen-absorbing packets, which are also included in the photo.

In the same article in a paragraph about the PharmaKeep canisters, we stated that the company has invested $12 million to 16 million in high-speed equipment and continues to invest in its proprietary canister line. While these figures are correct, they refer to investments in the company�s overall canister line, instead of just in the PharmaKeep line. The editors apologize for any confusion these inaccuracies may have caused.


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