NEWS AIMCAL's 2002 Winners Announced


Graphic Packaging and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Co. won an award for their metallized carton.

The Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL) has announced the winners of its 2002 Vacuum Metallized or Coated Product award competition. Entries were judged on criteria such as graphic design and appearance; machinability, processing, and handling; innovative use of materials; and product enhancement provided by the package or the label.

In the Healthcare, Cosmetics, and Toiletries category, the technical award was presented to Graphic Packaging (Golden, CO) and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Co. (Skillman, NJ) for a metallized carton that provides greater shelf impact with an increase in cost of less than 10%. The new carton replaces a foil-stamped carton for First Aid Advanced Care pads. To produce the carton, Graphic Packaging uses 1-mil polyester metallized by Vacumet (Wayne, NJ) and adhesive laminates it to unmetallized polyester. This two-ply film structure is then laminated to solid bleached sulfate from Georgia-Pacific (Naheola, AL). Graphics are flexo printed with water-based process printing using seven colors, one base coating, and in-line ultraviolet coating. Die-cutting, including stability feet, is followed by folding and gluing across one seam so the carton blanks can be shipped flat to the customer. Judges were impressed with the reproduction of the flesh tones in the graphics.

Judges were also impressed with the vibrant colors and use of combination printing for Usanimals vitamins' extended-text, pressure-sensitive film label from Usana Health Sciences (Salt Lake City). The company took home the technical award in the Labels–Retail category. The label replaces less-durable pressure-sensitive paper and pressure-sensitive metallized paper labels and unwraps partially to provide space for additional product information. It can be rewrapped and resealed to store neatly. Flexcon (Spencer, MA) converts the structure and Best Label Company, Inc. (Cerritos, CA) provides the combination printing with silk-screened white opaque letters and rotary letterpress graphics. Film is supplied by UCB Films PLC (Smyrna, GA) and metallized by Dunmore Corp. (Newton, PA).

At press time, awards were scheduled to be presented at a banquet on March 21 during the association's winter management meeting from March 20–24, 2002. For more information, visit AIMCAL's Web site at

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