New Tube Products

As published in the September 2009 issue of Tube News

Earth-Friendly Tube
A new polyethylene tube is environmentally friendly and recyclable. In an effort to create a packaging solution with greater barrier properties than LDPE, a company constructed the tube with alternating layers of PE. It can also be lined with EVOH. The tubes can be printed in up to 10 colors, enhancing print quality and creating a less visible seam. Several decoration options are available. In addition to three diameters, custom lengths and neck finishes from 22 to 400 mm are offered. Head styles are M8 and deckless. Continental Packaging Solutions, Chicago; 312/433-0723;

Lifelike Printing
A new direct printing option is available. Pixel Graphics allow for printing crisp images with an almost photolike resolution onto flexible tubes. The technique lends itself to opaque and innovative effects such as metallic, matte, or gloss. Because labels aren’t added, the process presents ecological advantages by minimizing waste. Tubes are available in plastic and laminate styles. Alcan Packaging Beauty, Washington, NJ; 908/835-5315; www.alcanpackaging

Fast Filler
A fast tube filler has been launched. This filler has the capacity to produce up to 300 tubes per minute. The tube filling line uses a linear chain model. It is linked to a cartoner and bundler, thus forming a tube packaging line. After being manually transferred from the tube box to the cassette, the tubes are again transferred to a conveyor. From the conveyor, multiple tubes are picked up by a rotary pick-up device and loaded into tube holders. The tubes continue to travel through the orientation, filling, and closing stations before ejection. Subnil, Mumbai, India; +91 22 6693 8111;

Foam Heads for Tubes
A company is featuring new large foam heads. Twelve types of foam and three densities are available. The foam heads come in a round or rectangular shape and are fitted into a plastic ampule that holds up to 5 ml. These plastic ampules are available in any Pantone color, translucent or opaque. The largest foam head is 1⁵/₈ in. across and ½ in. thick. James Alexander Corp., Blairstown, NJ; 908/362-9266;

Volumetric Closer
A company offers a machine for filling and closing metal, plastic, and laminate tubes. The machine is automatic or semiautomatic. By means of the volumetric dosing system, it can fill liquid products. The primary uses are for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The automatic system features a tube hopper and, by means of photocell, an orientating device. Tube lengths are from 75 to 200 mm and tube diameters from 20 to 50 mm. The power input for metal tubes is 500 W and 3500 W for plastic and laminated tubes. PallayPack, Kirkland, QC, Canada; 514/630-1818; www.pallay

Linear Tube Filler
A new linear tube-filling machine has several features, including robotized tube loading and unloading, a precise filling pump, and closure system changeover. All those features help the adaptation to any production changes of product, size, or tube type. The tube filler reaches an output of 200 tubes per minute. It is capable of handling products such as gels, ointments, creams, toothpaste, and silicon. IMA Safe, Bologna, Italy; +39 051 6514186;

A new dropper application is available for a patented tube. Polyfoil tubes can now feature a dropper system suited for high-barrier packages, providing long shelf life and protection for sensitive liquids and products without preservatives. The tubes work with water- and oil-based solutions. The new dropper features a dropper brake that maintains consistent drop sizes for applications such as medicinal dosing. The nozzle cap features a tear-off band for tamper-evident protection. Neopac, Millington, NJ; 908/604-0132;

Automatic Tube Filler
A machine fills and seals metal, polyethylene, and rolled tubes. The Axomatic Optima 1400 tube filler has a maximum filling capacity of 6000 pieces per hour and a dosage capacity from 3 to 250 ml. A command panel controls the main functions, including automatic tube loading from the warehouse and automatic tube positioning. A fixed nozzle with bush-raiser, adjustable 130-mm run, and a hot-air closing system are all available. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

Roller-Ball Applicator
A company introduces its line of roller-ball applicators for tubes. The applicators are available for 19- and 35-mm diameters, including a new 19-mm-diam triple steel roller ball. Roller-ball tubes can be beneficial by offering hands-free application. Customization options include decorations and finishes such as pearlized resins, offset printing, soft touch, and matte. Pictures also can be screened directly onto the tube, or images can be applied with foil overlays or multicolor screen prints. International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd., Hong Kong; +852 2802 9938;

Screw-On Applicator
A company is offering screw-on applicators for all standard tube sizes. Using a threaded screw-on applicator instead of a flip cap, the applicator comes with an additional pressure-fit cap. The ingredients are squeezed from the tube through a small orifice that flows through an X-shaped cut in the applicator. The orifice is sealed by a center sealing pin with the pressure-fit cap. HandsFree Applicators, Fountain Valley, CA; 800/398-9856;

Heat Sealer
A single-tube sealer is on the market. The STS-7 (single-tube sealer) suits applications for laboratories, research facilities, R&D teams, and quality control groups. The machine can seal small bags with minimal production runs. The STS-7 is a self-contained unit with a built-in air compressor and solid-state heat and cool timers. An adjustable stainless-steel shelf with height gauges allow for easy changeover of various-height tubes. The STS-7 can be used on all polyethylene, laminated, and glaminated tubes. Standard voltage is 110 V ac with a 220-V ac option available. The STS-7 comes with a single element for sealing plastic tubes or can be upgraded to a dual element for more-difficult applications such as toothpaste tubes. Detailed operating instructions, sealing tips, and a spare-parts kit come standard with each order.; 888/212-0860;

In an effort to conserve natural resources, a company is utilizing qualified 50% postconsumer resin in its line of tube closures. Through extensive research, the firm has established a reliable source and developed a process of manufacturing dispensing closures using recycled material. The company is also researching and developing bio resins to manufacture its dispensing closures using a renewable resource. Polytop Corp., Slatersville, RI; 401/767-2400;

High-Speed Filling
A series of high-speed tube fillers and closers is available. The PT series offers automated squeeze tube filling and closing designed around an oval racetrack–style servo indexing system. The machine finishes up to 220 tubes per minute, and features mechanical elements such as the swing-away fill station and 360° machine access for changeover simplicity. The machine can accommodate several tube sizes, including wide varieties. Service and on-line support is available through Ethernet and modem systems. ProSys Packaging Equipment Co.; 800/231-3455;

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