New Products

Blister Transfer to Cartoner
A blister packaging machine transfers product to a cartoner, a specially engineered and integrated process that could save space and cost by eliminating the need for an additional product chain in the cartoner. The B1660 is designed for high output and high-speed packaging, and comes in continuous or intermittent motion configurations. It features the new SimTap 3 simultaneous tablet placement feeder that provides a large format range, making it ideal for higher outputs according to the manufacturer. The machine can be quickly and easily adjusted for product or material changeover, often without the tools. Uhlmann Packaging Systems, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;

Web Converting System
A web converting system with island placement will be featured at the MD&M Midwest show. The Delta Mod-Tech island-placement module combines two webs together, even if line speeds differ. According to the company, the process offers material cost savings on the most expensive webs, including conductive adhesives, hydrogels, foils, and pharmaceuticals. The module features tight tolerance and precise part placement. It is driven by multiple servo motors. Delta Industrial Services Inc., Minneapolis; 763/755-7744;

Easy-To-Use RFID Reader
A new RFID reader is designed for ease of use, comfort, and mobility. The PR100 features an LCD display and long battery life, and it is capable for saving up to 4000 RFID scans in its internal memory. Scanned RFID data is displayed on the graphical LCD screen for instant visual verification. The device includes free software that allows users to save RFID data in an access-compatible Microsoft Access Database, create and search custom reports, and export CSV files for easy system integration. Constructed with shock-resistant materials, the PR100 reads 96-bit Gen2 RFID tags with a read range of up to five ft. Tharo Systems Inc., Brunswick, OH; 330/273-4408;

Dosing System
A dosing system that automatically doses small amounts of free-flowing substances directly into the tare container recently received the R&D 100 Award. The Quantos system doses automatically with interchangeable dosing heads. An integrated RFID chip saves information such as substance ID, quantity, and date. Whether as a label with a Data Matrix code, as a sample protocol, or as XML data, each value can be uniquely assigned and the data can be called up on the touch screen display at any time. Each disposable dosing head is used for a maximum of 75 doses. Mettler-Toledo North America, Columbus, OH; 800/638-8537;

Powerful Sealers
Two new high-power sealers enable thick bags to be sealed at high speeds. The SB3000 and SB4000 have been upgraded to band sealers that have high thermal conductivity. According to the company, they move in perfect synchronization with transport belts. The width of the seal in the new models is 14 mm. The sealers also include a new mainframe with a simplified design and stainless-steel construction to meet requirements controlling contamination and pollution. The standard VFD speed controller and the electric column meet the requirements for flexibility and a limited workforce. Fischbein S.A., Statesville, NC; 704/871-1159;


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