New Products

Secure Liquid and Cream Application
New tubes provide security for single-dose application. Twist’n’Use System tubes are suitable for the biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetic industries. The Twist’n’Use Polyfoil tubes have a unique activation system. Twisting the cap releases a pin in the ergonomic nozzle and dispenses the product directly and precisely to the area being treated. The pin provides tamper-evidence to alert consumers and companies to potential product. An orifice molded closed until the seal is broken also increases the product’s shelf life. The Twist’n’Use single-use tubes are available in 10- and 13.5-mm sizes for liquids, creams, and gels. The company also offers a 10-mm single-dose tube designed especially for low-viscosity gels and creams with a shorter nozzle than the Twist’n’Use system. Once opened, this package cannot be resealed, which enhances compliance by ensuring end-users will apply the product in the correct dosage. Neopac, Millington, NJ; 908/604-0132;

Innovative Application
A company offers tubes with pumps, brushes, rollerballs, or doefoot applications. Highend products can be made economically. Pumps are available for airless and dip tubes in many diameters, pump collar styles, and overcaps. Brushes can be fitted to tubes with foundation formulations, skin care products, and lotions and offer several tube-with-brush options in many sizes and brush varieties. The manufacturer provides rollerball options, including several tube-with-rollerballs in 35-mm-diam and 19-mm-diam versions. Tubes with doefoot applicators in the cap are another way to package lip products and concealers. Still more options are available from the company, including its environmentally friendly postconsumer recycled material. International Cosmetic Suppliers, Hong Kong; +852 2802 9968;

Extended Tube Line
A company has announced an investment that adds tube manufacturing capacity to incorporate additional technology benefits. Part of the extension strengthens the range of available packaging and will provide improved leadtimes for customers. The manufacturer says a significant sum is being invested in this new facility, which will also offer coextruded tubes, enhanced graphics through upgraded print capabilities, and tamper-evident features. M&H Plastics, Suffolk, UK; +44 01502 715518; www.

Linear Tube Filling
A new linear tube-filling machine is on the market. The CD Linear offers a system in line with machine accessibility, simple size changeover sequences, quick disassembly of product contact parts, and user-friendly and effective control logics. The manufacturer says the design was based on the operator’s point of view, so all functions are visible for ease of control and handling. With robotized tube loading and unloading, a precise filling pump, and a cutting-edge closure system changeover, it can adapt to production changes of product, size, or tube type to enable high performance and repeatability of all setup operations. The CD Linear reaches an output of 200 tubes per minute. IMA Safe, Italy; +39 051 6514111;

Squeeze Tubes
A rigid container and closure manufacturer has created a new line of polyethylene plastic squeeze tubes. The squeeze tubes are available in several diameters, lengths, orifices, and decorations. Capping options include snip-tips, flip-tops, disc-tops, stand-ups, and child-resistant dispensers. Decorating options include offset printing, silk-screening, hot-stamping, and labeling. The tubes suit the needs of industries such as topical skincare, haircare, personal care, spa, and medicinal and healthcare products. O. Berk Co.; 888/CPG-BERK;

Automatic Filler and Sealer
A company has designed a new automated tube filling machine. The Model T-60 provides medium output with complete automation. Mechanically driven piston pumps and special fill nozzles can be used with a wide range of products such as liquids, creams, and semiviscous pastes. Intermittent motion, cam-driven fillers and sealers are incorporated with a single-station rotary indexing table and PLC controls. Automatic tube-loading from a cassette, print registration, and bottom-up filling and variable-speed ac drives are all standard features. The T-60 has a production rate of 60 pieces per minute. Interchangeable sealing units are available for metal, plastic, and laminate tubes, and the machine can accommodate tubes with 2-in.-thick or less diameter and 10-in. length sizes. Prodo- Pak Corp., Garfield, NJ; 973/772-4500;

Labor-Saving Conveying
A company offers labor-saving solutions to tube-making. New adjustable timing-gate systems achieve accumulation for tubes. Its functions consist of count and accumulate, buffer zone, automatic product loading into open-top cartons or flights (article buckets), and retiming of single random products. The machine can also be used for syringes and blister packs. Packaging Systems Automation Inc., Plymouth, MN; 763/473-1032; www.psautomation. com.

Novel Dispenser
A company has developed a new dispensing mechanism for tube-like pouches. The patented MDS (metered dispensing system) valve allows for easy, one-handed dispensing of exact amounts. Viscosities of up to 40,000 cP can be dispensed through a vacuum-based technology, which works in any orientation and forces up to 98% of contents out of the package. The company’s engineers design the dispenser based on the particular product a customer creates, selecting the correct barrier films to match chemistry, adjusting push pressure for the applications, and specifying metered dose amount for each push. Full 360-degree branding is also available. Poly-D, Torrington, CT; 860/201-0022;

Tube Case Packer
A new top-loading case packer works with tubes. The SD Top Loader meets hygiene and access requirements and has a combined-function top loader so that the cantilever concept can be adapted to the already proven basis of this machine. The machine also offers a reduced footprint and a new loading unit and numerical axes to fit with the manufacturer’s existing equipment. Cermex Inc., Norcross, GA; 678/221-3570;

Ecofriendly Facility
A company’s recent open house showcased their green tube production facilities. Customers such as Herbalife, California Tan, and Dermalogica, distributors including Tricor/Braun, Berlin Packaging, and the Packaging, Distribution, and Assembling Group attended. The company’s staff hosted a roundtable to discuss the features and benefits of the LEED Certified building, the company’s comprehensive recycling programs, purpose-built energy efficiencies, and new investments such as an in-line 8-color high-speed line and new in-line 6-color screen print machine. CCL Tube, Carson, CA; 310/635-4444;

Cap Molds
A company has released a series of new caps. The summit caps are available for the following closures: 13/8-in. diameter, M8 finish, straight for openings .125, .187, and .197 in.; 1½-diameter, 22-400 finish, straight for openings 125, .187, and .197 in.; 2-in. diameter, 22-400 finish, rounded, 125, .187, 197 and .250 in.; and 2-in. diameter, 22-400 finish, straight 125, .187, and .197 in. The cap is created from PP P4C5B-076 material or equivalent, and drawings are available on all sizes. Montebello Packaging Inc., Oak Park, IL; 708/386-2700;

High-Volume Fulfillment Station
A fulfillment station is capable of rates over 300 orders per hour. The Tote-Pac system combines automation with automated print, verify, 1/4 fold and insert systems for high accuracy order packaging, according to the manufacturer. An operator bar code scans individual tubes from the tote, drops them into a chute and the automation does the rest. Super-Tote modules and automated infeeds can also be used to deliver more than 400 orders per hour. All this while still delivering the features of print ahead, pack slip/manifest print, fold and insert, bag labeling and final 3-point verification. Off-the-shelf components make the station easy to use, easy to maintain. Maverick Enterprises, Longmont, CO; 970/535- 9199;

Recycled Tube
Ecofriendly one-piece tubes are on the market. WWPledge is a sustainable tube. Its body, head, and cap are made of a layer of postconsumer recycled plastic resins (PCR.) The patented one-piece oval tube design eliminates online filling difficulties associated with back-off in conventional tubes with caps. It’s designed to facilitate correct in-hand orientation of package graphics for message and branding reinforcement. The tube prevents cap leakage and overflow, as well as residue contamination and contamination between the tube and cap, according to the manufacturer. The tubes are custom-made with injection-molded flip-tops, angled applicators, and dome caps, and have gloss, matte, or soft-touch finishes with a color, transparent, or pearlized luster. They are available in sizes of 16, 25, 35, 40, 45, and 50 mm. World Wide Packaging; 800/950-0390;

Pressure-Sensitive Label Applicator
A system can be configured to handle a diverse selection of package shapes and sizes. Flat-sided, round, oval, or contoured and other shapes can be labeled by the Tronics Series 3. It dispenses and applies pressure-sensitive labels from .5-in. high and long to a full 10-in. high and 39-in. long. Weber Marking Systems; 800/843-4242;

Robotic Infeed System
A company has created a new robotic infeed solution. The TaskMate Robotic Loading System incorporates manufacturer-designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and a FANUC robot to load the infeed of a Bergami Model TF 100, which automatically fills and closes up to 100 metal, plastic, or polyfoil tubes per minute. It integrates with the Model TF 100 Automatic tube filler/closer, or similar tube fillers, to create a complete high-performance system. Robotic infeed systems can keep pace with the infeed requirements of high-speed tube fillers, allowing the TF 100 to run at maximum production levels. Multi-axis robots fitted with custom-designed EOAT provide the dexterity required to prevent damage to the tubes or jams from occurring at the infeed, reducing scrap and increasing machine uptime. Incorporated with an empty tube case accumulation system, the robotic loader allows the tube filling system to operate unattended for long production runs, which can allow for reduced overhead by reassigning human resources. ESS Technologies Inc., Blacksburg, VA; 540/961-5716; www.

Hot Stamping
A company has announced the addition of new hot-stamping foils for use on plastic tubes. Foils RY and AA offer product compatibility and adhesion on coated and uncoated tubes. They are available from stock in gold and silver. Nakai International Corp.; 800/445-2684;

Folding Cartons
A company uses 100% UV flexo folding carton technology. This technique, according to the manufacturer, offers value in terms of speed, quality, cost, and flexibility for OTC and prescription cartons. It serves manufacturers throughout the East Coast and Midwest from an integrated facility. Ultra-Tech Printing Co., Grand Rapids MI; 616/249-0500;

Prefeed Hopper and Elevator
A company has a new machine for tube production lines. Part Prefeed Elevators are designed for steady, metered parts flow when loading into automated assembly and packaging machinery. A hopper design ensures constant parts flow and can feed tubes, caps, and closures for pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, and other products. The machine meets GAMP industry standards and cleanroom requirements. Ergonomic floor-level loading for operator safety and compact design fits through standard-size doorways. All stainless-steel construction with smooth welds and seamless rounded corners on conical hopper ensures constant metered part flow. CDS Corp, Sparta NJ; 973/300-0090; www.

Filling and Sealing
A company recently debuted its filling and closing system. The PT 140/220, in the PT series, is a high-speed, fully automated squeeze tube filling and closing system. Designed around an oval racetrack style servo indexing system, the Gen 4 machine produces up to 220 finished tubes per minute. Mechanical elements such as the swing-away fill station and 360-degree machine access for quick and easy changeovers create a high-speed tube-filler. Pro- Sys; 800/231-3455;

Fast-Operating Sleever
A single-head shrink-sleeve labeling system offers a new printing choice for tube manufacturers. The Sleever Series 8300 handles most tamper-evident, overall-, middle-, and full-body sleeve (including sustainable film) at up to 250 products per minute. The sleever can fit industry standard sleeve materials and a wide range of container shapes and sizes. The company says the sleever offers easy-to-operate PLC controls, stainless-steel or anodized aluminum construction, high-speed operation, and stepper drive technology. Label- Aire, Fullerton, CA; 714/441-0700;

New Line Options
A company’s decorative tube line is growing. The Artist line now includes Artist Soft Bevel and Artist Roll-on for professional application. An elastomer applicator and metal roll-on ball enable simple and precise application for make-up and care products. Artist platform tubes are available in a range of volumes from 5 to 15 ml. The Artist Roll-on metal ball provides a massage sensation during application for a fresh, relaxing effect, according to the manufacturer, and is suited for eye contour care and fragranced formulations. Artist Soft Bevel lightly deposits bulk. Its beveled, clear elastomer tip displays the product. Artist Soft Bevel can be used for facial care and lip gloss. The Artist Family combines applicator effects and tube features, with various printing choices (pearlized, metallic, matte, and gloss effects), simple filling, and a range of volumes. Alcan Packaging Beauty, New York City; 212/371- 5100;

Clear-on-Clear Labels
A company presents a prime film label for tubes. The Vivid line produces high-clarity, clear films as well as white and clear full-squeeze, semi-squeeze, and rigid containers. The company promotes Vivid’s easy-to-use application. The no-label appearance suits many applications for health and beauty products. MACtac Corp.; 800/328-2619; www.

Thermal-Transfer Printing
A series of thermal transfer label printers has debuted. The all-metal H-427 and H-436 printers print high volumes in either 203 or 300 dpi resolution. Standard features include a full backlit LCD display, standard real-time clock, ink-in or ink-out ribbons, and serial, parallel, PS/2, and USB interfaces. A stripper sensor for strip-andpeel or tear-off applications is standard as well. Optional features are offered in the H-Series contain internal memory for storing downloaded label formats, graphics, and fonts. Using this memory the printers can be operated without a computer connection. Tharo Systems Inc., Brunswick, OH; 330/273-4408;

Dosing Tube
A manufacturer has created a dosing tube with a dispensing top for targeted dispensing that releases a single drop per squeeze. This dispensing system features increased usability and convenience to users. The tube is virtually unbreakable, allowing for easy storage and portability. This environmentally friendly tube is made with lightweight plastic to decrease transportation cost, and is also made with recyclable PE and PP plastic that simplifies recycling. Continental Packaging Solutions, Chicago; 312/433-0740;

Remembering Tube Industry Leader
In April Alcan Packaging announced the death of Jean-Paul Meausoone, 53, president of Alcan Packaging’s Food Packaging Asia. First joining the company in 1991 as an R&D engineer and plant manager for Cebal Europe, Meausoone became research center manager and vice president of technology and R&D for Cebal Worldwide in France in 1994. He later served as vice president and general manager of the company’s Cebal Americas division in Norwalk, CT.

From 2004 to 2005 Meausoone served as president of The Tube Council in North America. He also served as president of the European Tube Manufacturer Association.

Meausoone passed away after a short but courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

Broad Tube Range
A company manufactures several tube and closure styles for a full line. Varieties include monolayer, duallayer, coextruded five layer standard round tubes. Also featured are such tube styles as oval, lip glos with slant or domed tip, special applicator, nozzel-tip, sponge apploicator, or twist-off cap. Yuan Harng Co. Ltd., Taiwan; +886 22299 4281;

Precise Applications
A new dispenser is available. Pinpoint applicators were created to combine precision with cleanliness, dispensing product form a conical shaped silicone valve, which allows consumers to apply product directly without touching the applicator. Once squeezing ceases, the product flow cuts off to keep the package hygienically clean. The polypropylene closure has a 19 mm diameter and suits smaller volume tubes. A sleek overcap protects the applicator tip. Seaquist Closures, Mukwonago, WI; 262/363-7191;

Various Tubes
A manufacturer makes several tubes. The company produces plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, laminated tubes, and custom aluminum extrusions. It services the cosmetic, consumer, pharmaceutical, adhesive, automotive, marker pen, and aerosol industries as well as military markets. According to the company, it focuses on delivering product on time for a reasonable price and flexible order quantities. Amber International, Denville, NJ; 973/664-1400;

Soft Tube
A blow-molded soft tube has debuted. The squeezable polyethylene 10 ml tube (Part #74200) and cap (Part #74201) with push-in polypropylene slanted reducer (Part #74202) combine to produce a portable package for cream and gel products. The 3.5-in.-tube is filled at the opening, plugged with the reducer applicator, and then capped, eliminating the need for crimp sealing. The tube and cap can be imprinted with logos or messages. Qosina, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3000; www.

Flexo Printing
Direct flexographic printing onto tubes is available. The TH 8130 is a hybrid machine that features flexo and screen printing stations. The manufacturer has developed a special compensation mechanism that keeps the distance tube, cliché roller, constant within 0.01 mm. This enables halftone printing of photorealistic images. ISIMAT GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen, Ellwangen, Germany; +49 7931 88625;

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