New Naming Trends Ditch Tech Talk

Despite all its marketing efforts, NaPro BioTherapeutics felt like another face in the biotechnology crowd. So, to stand out from its competition, the firm changed its name to Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

�Our new name, Tapestry, suggests the interdisciplinary nature of pharmaceutical development. The name also reinforces our development and product strategy: to build a diverse port-folio of next-generation products for treating cancer and hereditary disease,� said Leonard P. Shaykin, chairman and chief executive officer. 

�Tapestry represents a new trend in naming,� said Martyn Tipping, president of branding firm TippingSprung LLC, which came up with the new name. (The firm is also the force behind the contributed column, �Brand Matters,� which appears in PMP News every regular issue.) �We wanted to avoid a name that would get lost in the whirl of gen-, tech-, cel-, and bio- names and come up with something fresh and powerful,� Tipping said.


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