A New Heat Sealer, Designed for Speed

By Marie Redding
Freelance Writer

Bosch Packaging Technology (New Richmond, WI) launched a new machine in May, called the Doboy B-550M Medical Band Sealer. The machine offers a higher degree of precision and process control, according to the supplier. Its sealing section is designed to accommodate a wider range of films, at higher speeds, than the company’s previous models.

“Overall, this machine has a 30% increase in overall speed,” says Ray Johnson, product manager, Bosch Packaging Technology.
The machine’s insulated heat bars are designed to contain the heat to maximize heat transfer and minimize temperature deviation, according to Johnson. Digital temperature controllers with limit controls are mounted in the machine’s operator panel.
The B-550 also features an AC motor and frequency drive with integrated encoder. “We’ve also changed the thermocouple location to a surface mounting. This makes sure the measurement point is closer to the part of the sealing bar that is touching the bag, providing a faster degree of response and a more accurate reading,” explains Johnson.   

Band changes can now be accomplished in under two minutes without the use of tools. The sealing section can also be quickly removed as an assembly for routine maintenance or cleaning. The two sealing bars also feature a temperature verification port, to allow for ongoing process checks without stopping production.

The heat-sealer’s PLC monitors its speed, sealing pressure and heat bar temperature continuously to ensure process reliability. Deviations from any validated set point will result in a visual alarm and a reversing of the B-550M’s direction of travel to clear potentially flawed seals. The sealer will continue to run in reverse until all faults have been corrected, preventing the introduction of additional packages.

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