New Clinical Trial Packs Presented at Pharmapack

NeoClinic enables companies to include different drugs in the same blister card using strips.
At Pharmapack 2009 in Paris, Körber Medipak Group introduced a new concept for clinical trial packaging. Building on its NeoWallet packaging platform, Körber can design a fully modular line for robotically feeding its high-speed walleting system with prepackaged blister strips, explained CEO Gehrard Breu.
“The trends in clinical trials these days are for more active drugs, in higher volumes,” Breu told the audience. “Traditional blister packaging, with up to four products fed into one blister, is difficult to control.”
As an alternative, the NeoClinic process involves prepackaging active and placebo drugs into blister strips and marking those blisters with 2-D Data Matrix codes. The strips are wound into rolls and then placed onto the walleting lines. As needed for specific clinical study regimens, the strips are 100% verified through bar code inspection at each position and robotically fed and hot-glued onto blank wallets. As the cover panels are applied, they are printed on-demand with specific information and verified again. If required, booklets can be adhered to the paperboard. The wallets are then sealed, folded, coded, and labeled.
Four weekly regimens can be in the NeoWallet. Perforations allow patients to rip off daily doses as needed. The wallets can be made child resistant.
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