MWV Expands Its Natralock Line

Among the three formats, Natralock GTR is easily opened with scissors or by hand once a cut has been initiated in the board. The Natralock ETR solution features a higher level of tear resistance. As a more economical solution for minimum-security packaging, Natralock NTR is offered. ETR and GTR are extremely difficult to tear by hand in the store, which provides security necessary in the retail environment, says Jeff Kellogg, vice president, Natralock Security Packaging, MWV.

For different levels of security, MWV provides three tear-resistant laminate grades in its Natralock package.

“A one-size-fits-all option wasn’t ideal, as our customers require different levels of security. All of the solutions perform the same in the printing and die-cutting, and in the fulfillment process at the converter where they can be exchanged without cost implications on existing lines,” Kellogg says.

Though primarily developed as a clamshell replacement, Natralock is an alternative for high-value OTC products or other products subject to high shrinkage that are often stored out of customer reach, such as behind pharmacy counters. Product can be displayed where consumers can see and handle it.

“Buying rates increase when consumers have the chance to handle and evaluate the product and the package,” says Kellogg. The format provides expansive billboard space, with Natralock SBS and Natralock CNK paperboards supporting high-impact printing. Special printing effects are more available to the shopper.

“Clamshell packaging deadens the effect of graphics printed on the package insert. For maximizing shelf impact, embossing and 3-D and tactile effects can be used,” says Kellogg.

The format uses 50–60% less plastic than an average clamshell and can include up to 55% recycled content. MWV reports that “Natralock packaging beat the petroleum-based alternatives in all three Wal-Mart packaging scorecard categories: greenhouse gases, recycled content, and recovery, scoring 65% or better.”

Says Kellogg: “While consumers respond to ease-of-use in packaging, our studies also show that sustainable packaging features are having a larger influence on purchase decisions. Consumers will shift to products they perceive as more environmentally friendly.”

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