Multisorb to Showcase Pharma Packaging Solutions at PACK EXPO

The company will present “Preventing Oxidation of Drug Products in Their Packaging” on Oct. 30 at 1 p.m.

Multisorb Technologies is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO International 2012, which is being held October 28-31, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Pharmaceutical, medical device, in-vitro diagnostic, and combination drug/device product manufacturers won’t want to miss Multisorb’s in-booth symposium, “Preventing Oxidation of Drug Products in their Packaging” on October 30 at 1:00 pm.

Multisorb will demonstrate how pseudo-empirical, real-time stability modeling is a better predictor for long-term stability than ICH accelerated testing. Oxygen permeability of a bottle increases over time, so 6 months of accelerated testing may not be equivalent to 2 years of real-time- testing.  Multisorb’s SimulOx uses a precise mathematical model incorporating properties of the packaging, drug, and sorbent to provide an accurate prediction of drug stability. The program is used to optimize sorbent selection and can assist in bottle material selection.  With an optimized high-capacity sorbent, a standard inexpensive HDPE bottle can be used over a more expensive specialty bottle. 

Before or after the presentation, be sure to see Multisorb’s Drop-In, Fit-In, and Built-In sorbent solutions that are designed to meet the specialized and often complex needs of the healthcare industry. 

Drop-In solutions, StabilOx Packets and Canisters, StripPax Packets, and SorbiCap Canisters, are placed directly into the product’s primary packaging. As system solutions, Multisorb’s Drop-In sorbents are combined with its complementary APA-series of dispensers, which are engineered specifically to run its related sorbent with unmatched reliability.   Multisorb’s sorbent systems ensure the integrity of your packaging process by offering seamless integration of sorbent placement in packaging presentations.

Multisorb will be demonstrating its new APA-9000 SorbiCap Canister Dispenser and its APA-2000 StripPax Dispenser with bottling line interface. The APA-9000, which is also a component of the StabilOx and Multiform CSF Canister Systems, can dispense up to 300 canisters per minute.  Alternately running dual hoppers, each with a 4,000 canister capacity, supply a single feed bowl that offer FIFO dispensing control, minimizing exposure and the subsequent loss of sorbent capacity. The APA-2000 is the dispenser component of the StripPax and StabilOx Systems and can dispense up to 300 packets per minute. Both systems are compatible with a variety of packaging lines. 

Fit-In sorbents offer an integrated solution as they are mounted within a specific space in a device or drug product packaging.  Multiform CSF Compressed Sorbent can be custom shaped to fit into an existing space within the device or packaging. Multiform CSF Compressed Sorbents offer increased sorbent protection per unit volume than traditional loose-fill packets and canisters.  DesiMax Self-Adhesive Sorbents, another Fit-In solution, require very little space and are secure within the packaging, making them inconspicuous to the consumer.  

For even greater customization, PolySorb Sorbent Components, a Built-In solution, incorporates sorbent into a thermoplastic structural component of the device, giving the device component multifunctional capabilities.  

Whether Drop-In, Fit-In or Built-In Multisorb has the sorbent solution to solve your drug stability challenges. Visit booth 7918 or email for more information.  

Source: Multisorb Technologies 

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