Monitoring Package Testers

Be it air, water, or material strength, no leak or defect gets past these testing systems.

Tensile Grip

A manufacturer offers a pneumatic tensile grip designed for securing film and paper during package seal-strength testing, elongation testing, and other tensile testing requirements. The grip is fully enclosed. It employs serrated interlocking jaws and can grip samples against up to 100 lb of force. The grip features an integrated open/close valve for quick sample engagement and disengagement for repetitive applications. An air connection kit consisting of tubing and fittings is also available. The grip is compatible with all of the manufacturer’s force gauges and test stands. Mark-10 Corp., Copiague, NY; 631/842-9200;

Leak Detection

A series of flexible, repeatable, nondestructive leak testers allows for acceptable packaging to be returned to the production line and for the contents of unacceptable packages to be reclaimed. The Qualipak–B750 series is available with different sizes of test chambers that can be selected to suit the size of the test package. Infills are used for volume reduction and allow varying container sizes to be tested in each chamber. The machine monitors change in pressure during the test cycle and it collects data. The standard chambers can accommodate up to 4.5-in.-diam containers. The test cycle usually lasts less than one minute. Uson L.P., Houston, TX; 281/671-2000;

Permeability Testers

Oxygen and water-vapor permeability testers feature automated temperature control and single- or dual-sided relative humidity control. This automated feature of the oxygen permeability tester, Lyssy OPT-5000, and the water-vapor permeation tester, Lyssy L80-5000, accommodates a range of laboratory and production applications. An operator inserts a sample into the chamber and selects a test program from the touch screen. Testsample holders are designed to eliminate the need for grease or other lubricant fixatives. Test documentation with error logging is traceable. The oxygen transmission rate is indicated on the screen in ml/m2 per day. Water permeability testing ranges are 0.03 to 10,000 g/m2 per day. The testers measure samples within the test chamber. The close-to-gravimetric testing process measures the time required for water vapor to permeate the test film or foil causing an increase in upper-chamber humidity within a predefined interval. PBI-Dansensor America Inc., Glen Rock, NJ; 201/ 251-6490;

Seal-Checking System

A company offers a system that rapidly and automatically inspects thermal-seal quality within production processes. The Maxline 2 thermal-seal-checking system uses infrared thermal imaging technologies to inspect seals and generate control outputs without negatively affecting production time or speed. The inspection tool monitors thermal-seal signatures and generates pass/fail results with diagnostic codes. Using the company’s deblurring feature, the system can inspect continuously moving items at a rate of up to 700/min. Without the deblurring feature, the system can index applications performing up to 300 inspections per minute. The system checks for hot- and cold-seal defects as well as seal voids and creases. Built-in TCP/IP networking capabilities enable remote access. Ircon Inc., Niles, IL; 800/323-766;

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