Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Linked to 16,800 Adverse Events

The FDA has received a number of patient complaints about complications with the implants.

The media spotlight is often a double-edged sword. No one knows this better than people who filed a Wright Lawsuit. And yet, gossip and rumor-mongering aside, the real story here is being overlooked according to Sean Burke of AttorneyOne.

According to a Bloomberg article published on June 21st 2012, the FDA reported approximately 16,800 adverse events related to metal-on-metal hip implants (including Wright Profemur Hip Replacement) in the US from 2000-2011. The Wright Medical Profemur Total Hip System is a line of hip replacement implants designed and manufactured by Wright Medical Technology. The most common side effect was revision, i.e. surgery to remove or replace the implant. There were 14,131 reported revisions in metal-on-metal hip implants and 8,704 reports of pain.

According to court documents, on August 17th, 2011, a Michigan man, Terrance Allore, and his wife Rebecca filed a lawsuit in Michigan Eastern District Court (case no. 2:2011cv13593) alleging that his Wright Profemur hip replacement failed less than three years after it was implanted causing him severe problems., a recognized authority on law, can provide helpful advice and simple solutions including how to get in contact with legal counsel so that, in case of severe adverse events from Wright Profemur Hip Replacement, someone can easily and inexpensively deal with it. As Mr. Burke, director of Media Relations for, added, “What all this information really illustrates is that threat from Wright Profemur Hip Replacement remains. For that reason, our focus should squarely fall on getting the word out and assisting people in finding the right legal assistance.”

The 2009 annual report from an implant registry run by the Australian Orthopaedic Association revealed that the Wright Profemur Z hip implant was identified as having a higher than expected revision rate, with 11.2% of the patients who have had this implant to require additional surgery within three years of the initial surgery. has further information on Wright Profemur Hip Replacement lawsuits including how to get in contact with legal counsel.

Source: via PR Web

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