Mega Pumps Offers Swirl Filling In Airless Dispensers

Mega Pumps, Eatontown, NJ, is offering swirl filling for its line of airless dispensers, working with a select group of filling companies.
Swirl filling provides customers the possibility to mix multiple actives in the same formula to create a high-end effect. Appearing either layered on top of each other or in a suspended helix, the ingredients remain inactive and unmingled until dispensed.
“Swirl filling is a star on the shelves. It has a distinctive and eye-catching look that is really chic. Our customers can enjoy the aesthetics of swirl filling combined with the unique benefits of Mega Pumps’ airless technology,” says Alex Silberstein, Regional Sales Manager, Mega Pumps.
Swirl filling is only effective when used within an airless dispenser because the pump pulls the product up from the top, and the piston follows the formula from the bottom, allowing the swirl to maintain its shape through the entire use of the product.
Mega Pumps’ polypropylene dispensers allow for a clear view of the swirl, and their flat piston shape and flat pump bottom make it easier to fill and preserve the swirl pattern, as compared to other airless dispenser manufacturers, Silberstein says.
Designed to be airless from the start, Mega Pumps dispensers are engineered to suppress excess air, which protects the product from outside pollutants, helps extend shelf life, and supports consistent dosing.

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