Meeting Pharma’s Need for Ever-Expanding Labels

Mike Miller has seen a steady increase in the required information and font sizes needed for pharmaceutical labeling. “This continued increase requires our clients to expand their packaging and find creative ways to deliver that information,” says Miller, who is vice president of manufacturing and co-founder of Platinum Press Inc. (Grand Prairie, TX;

Platinum Press has worked with pharmaceutical and other regulated healthcare industries from its beginnings in 2004. Originally manufacturing specialty label products, such as extended-text booklet labels, the company has evolved into what Miller describes as “a complete healthcare packaging company, manufacturing labels, cartons, and printed literature.”

To produce such information-packed labeling, Platinum Press has used technology from G&K-Vijuk. With four folding systems from G&K-Vijuk already in operation, Platinum Press this year purchased a rebuilt MV-2005 Outsert System and a brand new MV-11 Triple-Knife Outsert System. “As our clients looked to us for answers, we saw an opportunity to use G&K-Vijuk’s existing technology, along with our creativity, to create results that fulfilled our clients’ needs,” says Miller. “Additionally, cost and throughput is always a factor. With the improvements G&K-Vijuk has made in automation, vision system integration, and increase in speeds, the choice was clear on whom our equipment partner would be.”

Platinum Press’s first folder was a G&K-Vijuk commercial folder. “We used it to make the booklet portion of our extended-text labels,” explains Miller. “Given G&K-Vijuk’s extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market and the quality of their equipment, we believed they were the best choice as a partner. As our clients requested that we manufacture folded literature for them, we began investing in insert/outsert equipment from G&K-Vijuk. They are known as the benchmark manufacturer for this type of product and have proven themselves over the years. Their equipment has performed admirably; well-built, reliable and precise. The Healthcare industry demands the highest quality and G&K-Vijuk has helped us meet that challenge.”

Platinum Press sought new equipment in order to maintain capacity in light of increased demands for expanded labeling. “In addition, the increased demand for our combination products prompted us to invest in more folders. The newest G&K-Vijuk folders are easier to setup, run faster, and can fold literature up to 20% thinner than previous models,” he says.

Miller says one particularly unique capability of the newer systems is their ability to fold up to 266 panels. “This has become necessary with the increase in copy required,” he says. “Our newest folder can fold printed literature with up to 266 panels and down to 1.125-in. sq. That’s pretty impressive by anybody’s standards. Its allowed us to consolidate ‘twinserts’ or ‘piggybacked’ outserts (two outserts that are glued together) back into a single component. This flexibility lets our clients reduce packaging complexity, costs, and increase throughput. This is what our clients are looking for; they want their packaging to be streamlined and effective. And that’s what our latest G&K-Vijuk equipment lets us do.

“And these new systems provide us with capacity, are more economic, and also offer us more flexibility with the products that we offer our clients.”

Platinum Press will continue to utilize its existing G&K-Vijuk systems. “There’s a place for all of our equipment.” he says. “The older systems continue to produce smaller format folded literature and are effective for small runs. Large-format items and longer runs tend to find themselves scheduled on the newer units.”  

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