Meeting End-User Needs

Human factors considerations are playing increasing important roles during medical product development, including package design. Ed Haedt, VP, marketing of Perfecseal, reports that human factors engineering is incorporated into its design process for custom thermoformed trays used to contain surgical instruments, kits, and implantable devices.

“We work very closely with our customers’ engineering and marketing staffs to ensure that the package provides the most efficient and safe delivery of the product to the sterile field,” he says.

Ease of use is a critical requirement. One of Perfecseal’s customers was seeking a more-effective means of removing the device from the tray and loading it with bone cement. “We designed a tray that holds the device, allows for easy removal, and also serves as a tool to make the process of loading and preparing the device prior to the procedure more efficient,” Haedt says.

Perfecseal’s designer was able to position a star-shaped cavity in the center of the tray and include larger stabilizing feet in the corners of the tray to allow the medical professional to use the sterile tray to hold the syringe body vertically in the cavity while it is filled with the bone cement, Haedt shares.

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