Make Reconstitution Easier

Packaging for parenterals allows the user to reconstitute drugs without needles.

Parenteral drugs may contain active ingredients that are potent yet delicate and that require the user to spend some time preparing the drug before administering it to a patient. During this preparation, the drug may be exposed to microbial contamination—and the healthcare professional to needle sticks. Manufacturers of parenteral packaging are finding ways to solve this problem by offering needleless solutions that allow the drug to be prepared inside the package.

A system of parenteral packaging features an all-plastic closure with an elastomeric component combined with a glass or plastic vial. As the company tests the performance of the Harmony System, it develops new design features such as a one-piece needleless access closure. Protocols for lyophilization and seal integrity are provided. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ.



Transfer devices allow for the quick reconstitution of parenteral drugs while preventing needle-stick injuries. The Bio-Set range of needleless transfer devices enables fast, easy, and safe drug reconstitution using either an infusion bag (Bio-Set Infusion) or a prefilled diluent syringe (Bio-Set Injection). These products replace the use of a diluent ampule, needle, and swab. Biodome America Inc., Princeton, NJ.



Highly potent drugs often require lyophilization to maintain their required shelf life. The Lyo-Ject allows the user to lyophilize the drug directly in a syringe, which is packaged with the diluent for quick reconstitution and injection. Lyo-Ject is a delivery form that is easy to use, cost-effective, and safe. The package protects the product while minimizing product loss and packaging waste. Different syringe sizes accommodate different drugs. Vetter Pharma Turm, Yardley, PA.


A company offers products and equipment for parenteral packaging. The product line consists of vials, ampules, and syringes suitable for delicate pharmaceuticals. In addition, the company provides machines for cleaning, sterilizing, dosing, filling, checking, and labeling. The machines accommodate a wide variety of containers, including ampules, cartridges, syringes, vials, and bottles. Bausch + Stroebel, Clinton, CT.



A complete array of parenteral drug delivery systems is designed to meet the needs of a variety of drugs and therapies. The company offers HYypak, B-D ReadyFill, and SteriFill prefillable syringes; UniJect injection devices; B-D Auto-Injector, B-D Pen, and needle-free Jet Injection self-injection systems; the AccuSpray nasal spray system; transdermal iontophoretic patches; and the Monovial transfer system designed for IV infusion. Becton Dickinson Pharmaceutical Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ.


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