Make Dispensing Exact with Tubes

Tubes offer the moisture and pressure resistance and sterility required for healthcare applications.

Polypropylene tubes and tube systems are designed and manufactured in compliance with FDA specifications. The vials can withstand the pressure associated with air transport. They are sterile, airtight, and leakproof, and can be customized to meet customer specifications including color requirements. Capitol Vial Inc., Auburn, AL.

Custom plastic tubing to replace standard cardboard cores helps reduce dust and increases moisture resistance in sensitive areas where packagers wind films. Extruded tubing, commonly used in medical antiseptic applications, is available for use as an outer package to protect liquid-filled ampules. Precision plastic-tubing manufacturing sizes range from 0.080 to 6.5 in. OD. Teel Plastics Inc., Baraboo, WI.

A 5/8-in.-diameter laminate tube is suitable for pharmaceutical applications requiring squeezable tube packaging with exact, on-the-spot dispensing. The middle layer of the tube is constructed of an aluminum barrier. The company also offers foil-out and colored web variations. Tube decoration options include process printing, hot stamping, silk screening, and six-color offset. CCL Container Tube Div., Oak Ridge, NJ.

Custom tube containers are well suited for dispense packaging, pharmaceutical preparation, and medical diagnostic applications. Extruded-plastic and spiral-wound-paper tube-finishing capabilities include packaging tubes, formed-end plastic tube containers, printed tubes, and custom sizes and colors. The company, which is ISO 9002 certified, offers complete in-house engineering and prototyping. Stone Industrial, a div. of Precision Products Group Inc., College Park, MD.

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