Long-Dwell Flow Wrapper Supports Device Packaging

Flow wrapping has gained support as a cost-effective automated alternative for medical device packaging. Vendors including Amcor and Perfecseal have introduced films for device packaging engineered to perform on high-speed flow wrapping machines.
For applications sealing thicker substrates used in device packaging, Bosch Packaging Technology (www.boschpackaging.com) introduced at Pack Expo Las Vegas the Pack 301 LD (long dwell) horizontal flow wrapper. The unit produces up to 150 packs per minute.

Bosch showed a single-arm Delta Robot Paloma-D2 with vision system picking and placing two blister packs from a conveyor to the Pack 301 LD in-feed flights.

In the Pack 301 LD, the end sealing head travels with the film to enable placing more heat on the package end seals. Dwell time can be set for up to one second, says Paul Garms, manager, Bosch Packaging.

“The technology is borrowed from our continuous-motion vertical form-fill-seal machines where the sealing jaws move with the film. Medical device customers can ensure hermetic sealing that meets their package seal requirements,” Garms says.

“A unique feature of the Pack 301 LD is the software control. You can set the dwell time independent of the machine speed. This becomes an advantage if product flow to the machine is inconsistent,” Garms says.

Additionally, processing temperatures are independently controlled on the top and bottom sealing jaws.

In the flow wrapping process, after loaded product is wrapped in the film and conveyed to the fin sealing section, multiple fin seal wheels provide enough sealing time to ensure air-tight fin seals. “We can also pre-heat the material before the fin seal station to ensure compliant fin seals, such as on thicker foil-based films,” Garms adds.

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