In-Line and Off-Line Coders

High-quality marks are made in multiple fonts, sizes, and colors with coders.

A fully automatic carton-and-card transport machine for off-line coding of folding boxes, blister cards, labels, and cardboard boxes facilitates the production of 180 prints per minute in an area from 15 x 30 mm to 50 x 100 mm. The Metronic UDA 150-S scans the material blanks that are fed from stack to stack to ensure precise positioning for printing and to allow for constant material refilling during operation. Selection of the number of blanks to be printed is done by means of a preprogrammed counter. The UDA can be equipped with hot-stamping, ink-jet, thermal-transfer, and other units. Griffin-Rutgers Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY.

An in-line printer designed for two-color printing on all horizontal form-fill-seal machines offers speeds up to 35 cycles per minute. The FlexPrint II features a proprietary enclosed doctor blade ink system that provides high-quality printing of text and bar codes with no loss of ink viscosity. When the FlexPrint II system's patented geared "S" wrap drive senses that the packaging machine is pulling the film, the printing process begins. When the process ends, the encoder signals the two print cylinders to return to their starting position. Mounted on the printing cylinders, the Maglock printing plates enable quick message changes. FlexPrint II is well suited for printing on Tyvek, paper, and all poly films. Bell-Mark Sales Co., Pine Brook, NJ.

A new series of overprinters has been added to a company's existing line of coding and labeling products. Capable of print widths from 53 to 128 mm and intermittent- and continuous-print formats, the printers can be integrated with all types of horizontal and vertical packaging machines. The Models 282 and 285 printers have been designed to apply high-quality print to almost any flat surface at speeds up to 1000 mm per second. In addition, the printer features several ribbon-save mechanisms that help eliminate waste and get more print out of the ribbon. Willett America Inc., Grapevine, TX.

A dot-matrix coder uses sealed-off CO2 SLAB laser technology to produce marks of up to five lines with sizes from 0.08–0.59 in. on most surfaces. The Lightjet coder is the result of a distribution agreement with Rofin-Sinar. Its articulated arm and compact printhead make it easy to integrate on production lines. For added flexibility, the printhead can be positioned from 5.0 to 8.8 in. away from the object to be marked. The coder offers a choice of three telescope settings to make fine-tuning a possibility. Imaje USA, Kennesaw, GA.

A compact, single-line ink-jet printer has been designed for marking on nonporous surfaces such as films, plastics, metals, and coated corrugate. The I.V./700 NP printer package includes printhead, ink delivery system, photocell, controller with built-in Qwerty keypad, mounting bracketry, and user's manual. Providing automated product and case coding, the printer features a patented integrated-valve printhead technology. The unit can print multiple fonts or 5- to 7-dot sizes with a bold option in a single pass. While the print speed ranges from 5 to 250 ft per minute, high-quality marks are ensured because the unit forms ink drops at the printhead orifice. The ink supply canister holds up to 400 ml of solvent-based ink, which is available in black, blue, red, green, orange, and yellow. Diagraph Corp., St. Louis, MO.

A high-resolution ink-jet coding system incorporates a fully addressable, 500-nozzle printhead that produces codes up to 2.8 in. high. Producing marks at 188 dpi, the Windows-based LegiJet Model ML500 operates at speeds up to 180 ft per minute. The system is capable of printing single- and two-dimensional bar codes and variable-sized text plus graphics and logos on cartons or other products. Font sizes range from 5 to 280 points with capital and lowercase letters, as well as bold, italic, and different color options. The system's graphic display and standard keypad allow for easy message editing. Weber Marking Systems Inc., Arlington Heights, IL.

A high-performance bar code print engine features a modular interface system that facilitates installation of a high-speed bidirectional interface card in the printer. The M-8459Se is an enhanced version of the M-8459 unit and designed to replace it. Users can change their choice of interface in the field or can order a printer with their selected interface factory-installed. The standard printer comes with either an RS-232, parallel, or universal serial bus interface. The serial and parallel ports of the predecessor machine have been replaced by a single modular interface in this enhancement. SATO America Inc., Sunnyvale, CA.

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