Lightweight shipping materials

Containers and materials protect products in transit.


Air-Cushion Packaging

A company manufactures inflatable aircushion packaging for the protective and promotional markets. Several agreements with 3M will involve that company in the manufacture of Air Packaging's products. 3M will acquire one of the company's two manufacturing machines. It has also become the exclusive licensee of some of Air Packaging's patents in the industrial protective- packaging markets. The equipment will be installed at a 3M-selected manufacturing site to supply its customers in those markets. Air Packaging Technologies Inc., Valencia, CA; 800/424-7269;

Hex-Pack Drums

Seven corrugated drums range in size from 5 to 55 gal. Hex-Packs are recyclable and burnable and can replace fiber, metal, and plastic drums. Warehouse space and freight costs are reduced, as the drums come knocked down and on skids. Order amounts as small as 10 pieces to as large as full trailer loads are available. Logos and slogans can be printed with two-color graphics on each container. Die-cut handles are available for ease of lifting heavy loads. Hex-Packs are suitable for dry products that are normally contained in drums, such as powdered chemicals and resins. O. Berk Co., West Haven, CT; 800/631-7392;


A supplier of printed and converted flexible packaging introduces a new specimen transport bag. The VonSeal has been laboratory approved for drug transportation by air and meets new International Air Transport Association regulation 650 for liquid diagnostic specimen and regulation 602 for infectious substance shipments. VonSeal is a liquid-tight bag that features a strong adhesive closure and continuous seal. It is specially designed to withstand, without leakage, an internal pressure that produces a pressure differential of not less than 95 kPa in the range of -40° to 55°C. Vonco Products Inc., Lake Villa, IL; 847/356-2323;

Meditherm M14.0

A company designs and manufactures validated shipping systems for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The Meditherm M14.0 offers up to 500 L of product capacity, and it can handle ambient temperatures from -15° to 40°C. Depending on the requirement, the temperature can be maintained for up to seven days. The unit can be delivered flat on a U.S. pallet in a strong transit carton. This allows for maximum use of space in transit and during storage. To address normal wear and tear, volume users will have access to the company's repair and refurbishment service. Laminar Medica Ltd., Hertfordshire, UK; +44 1442 828664;

Inflatable Packaging

A company offers a variety of inflatable packaging products to protect shipments in a cost-effective manner. Void-Fill bags use air to fill voids, reducing material, labor, and freight costs. They provide constant, positive air pressure to lock products into place, thus eliminating the problems of migration and bulk fill compression. En-Cap sleeves surround the product with an air barrier of protection. The encapsulation of air provides protection from shock and vibration. The company's Waffle-Pak 
is a one-piece foldable cushioning module that surrounds the product. It locks the product in place while providing a complete air barrier of protection. Inflatable Packaging Inc., Newtown, CT; 203/426-2900;

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