Lidding Provides Protection

Lidding materials offer strength, a visible peel, and a wide sealing temperature window.

The newest lidding materials feature a wide sealing temperature window and can be used for packages that undergo rigorous sterilization processes. The lidding's seals remain strong, yet are easy to remove, leaving a smooth, visible peel.

High-performance heat-seal lidding and rollstock can be used in packages that undergo EtO and radiation sterilization. TPT-021C is made of coated Tyvek 1073B and features SealScience proprietary coating technology. TPT-021C offers a 20°–40°F wider seal window on most plastics when compared with other lidding, says the company. This allows for shorter dwell times and minimized flange distortion. The coating provides a positive indication of seal integrity with solid white adhesive transfer that is visible upon opening. Tolas Health Care Packaging, Feasterville, PA.



Lidding materials are available with a wide variety of options, including all barrier levels from breathable to virtually impermeable and the ability to seal and peel from a diverse range of substrates. The materials are supplied either in rollstock form or as precut lids, printed or unprinted. Other options include chemical resistance and compatibility with any sterilization method. Rollprint Packaging Products Inc., Addison, IL.



A lidding material can be used with rigid trays as well as with flexible form-fill-seal applications. Tyvek 1073B, with coatings applied by a variety of sterile packaging manufacturers, is compatible with all major sterilization methods, including emerging techniques, and it provides effective protection against bacterial penetration. Tyvek's structure offers tear strength and puncture resistance. DuPont Tyvek, Wilmington, DE.



A coextruded peelable lidding film provides a smooth, clean peel and a visible seal transfer to the bottom web. PerfecFlex clean peel transfer (CPT) offers a wide heat seal range and a consistent seal strength. CPT is designed to help lower the total cost of the package and to complement source reduction programs. Perfecseal, Philadelphia, PA.



A blue-tinted heat-seal adhesive allows for quick, in-line, visual verification of adhesive transfer. The 10MP heat-seal adhesive applied to Tyvek 2FS makes it easy for production personnel to detect any tooling imperfections or uneven temperatures during production runs. The coated Tyvek 2FS is a cost-effective material for form-fill-seal and pouching applications. It offers printability, fast processing, and high resistance to bacterial penetration, punctures, and moisture. Oliver Products Co., Grand Rapids, MI.

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