Lidding With Easy Sealability

High-performance lidding is available for both heat- and cold-seal applications.

Sterile-grade Tyvek lidding rollstock and lids are EtO and radiation sterilizable and pass USP Class VI testing. A hot-melt adhesive is applied to either 1059B or 1073B Tyvek using the company's proprietary DotCoat process. The adhesive-Tyvek combinations offer a bacterial barrier with high puncture resistance. They are easily peeled, leaving a smooth adhesive transfer as evidence of seal integrity. The adhesives are available in clear or light-blue–tinted versions. The blue-tinted adhesives allow for on-line inspection for adhesive voids. The lidding material can be used with conventional packaging equipment at low-to-medium pressure ranges. Product options include printing on either or both sides of the material, choices of up to eight colors, and Health Industry Bar Code printing. Oliver Products Co., Grand Rapids, MI.

High-performance lidding made of heat-seal-coated Tyvek is designed to seal to medical device trays at low temperatures with short dwell times. TPT-021C lidding uses SealScience heat-seal coating technology, which allows sealing at as low as 220ºF in order to minimize tray flange distortion. The lidding provides seals that are unaffected by the humidification stage of EtO sterilization cycles, and is resistant to failure during shipment at high elevations and in cold conditions. It supplies positive indication of seal integrity by means of solid-white adhesive transfer. The lidding is available printed or blank and as cut lids or rollstock. Tolas Health Care Packaging, Feasterville, PA.

Peelable packaging is available for both heat-seal and cold-seal applications. The lidding stock is engineered for easy sealability throughout a wide temperature and pressure range. The company offers a variety of substrates, including medical-grade paper, film lidding materials, and Tyvek. All substrates ensure a solid transfer to reveal seal integrity. Rollstock or precut lids are available either in printed or unprinted versions. Lidding stock is suitable for EtO and radiation sterilization. Phoenix Health Care Products LLC, Milwaukee, WI.

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